County Road Department will attack a drainage issue in Preston to help alleviate a flooding problem.

Preston residents will get some relief from flooding when the Pratt County Road Department cleans out a concrete drainage box that has been blocked for years, said Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, during the Pratt County Commission meeting Dec. 26. The meeting was one day later than usual because Christmas fell on a Monday.

Freund said the concrete box has been non-functioning for some time. He inspected the box and confirmed it was blocked and would need extra effort to get it cleaned out.

There are flooding issues in Preston on Main Street because of the blockage. The county is doing the work because Main Street in Preston is also 100th Avenue.

Freund said they will probably uses pressurized water hoses to clean out the debris and once the box is cleared, they would have keep it cleared of the problem will just come back.

Commissioner Joe Reynolds suggested they use a vacuum truck to clean out the box. Reynolds suggested using a company that he has seen in operation at his business.

Clearing out the box could create a possible hazard around the box and some signage will be needed to warn people to keep clear. No specific date has been set for the project.

Sheriff Jimmy White will tackle updating the jail impound policies in 2018. White said it would take some time because there are a lot of changes to make.

Amy Jones, county treasurer, will begin advertising for a new tag/tax clerk to replace E.J. Hanson who retired after 33 years in that position for the county. Jones said it would be tough to replace Hanson.

The Commissioners approved $20,000 for a street repair in Iuka. Heft and Sons will make the repairs this spring. Partial funding for the project will come from money the county budgeted for 2018 for each of the third class cities to help clean up blighted areas.

Most of the county meeting was done in executive session as department heads presented their required personnel reviews.