Claudia Rodriquez-Oviedo received a 12 month sentence for placing a fake bomb threat call to USD 382.

A tearful Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo read an apology in Pratt County District Court Monday just before District Court Judge Frank Meisenheimer sentenced her to 12 months in prison for aggravated criminal threat and 8 months for an unlawful act concerning a computer in connection with a bomb threat against USD 382 on Nov. 6, 2017.

She will also have 24 months of post release supervision.

In her apology, Rodriguez-Oviedo apologized to the school district, she regretted her actions and was ashamed of what she did and the impact it has had on her family.

"I will work the rest of my life to correct my actions," Rodriguez-Oviedo said.

Rodriguez-Oviedo was also ordered to pay almost $36,800 in restitution to USD 382 to cover wages when the school had to shut down while it was searched for the bomb.

Pratt County Attorney Tracy Beverlin said the e-mail that said several bombs had been placed in district buildings disrupted school activities. About 30 after school students were moved to Kingdom Hall across the street for safety. Beverlin read a list of missed activities from Superintendent Suzan Patton who had to notify schools that the scholars bowl competition had to be cancelled, a Broadway Dinner Theatre had to be cancelled, 1,269 students lost a day of instruction, the district technology person had to several hours reviewing security video and several students didn't attend school after it was back in session. Even though there was no injury to students, the event had an emotional impact on them and the district. Given these actions, Beverlin said probation would not be appropriate.

Beverlin said if Rodriguez-Oviedo was not sent to prison, who would monitor her actions and Beverlin wanted her to serve time and be remanded to the state. Rodriguez-Oviedo is not a U.S. citizen and her visa expires in March. Her deportation is imminent, Beverlin said.

Rodriguez-Oviedo sat quietly in the courtroom and listened as Meisenheimer read his instructions about the sentencing. Rodriguez-Oviedo, who is late in a pregnancy, will serve the sentences concurrently and could get up to 15 percent of the sentenced reduced for good behavior. She also received credit for time served.

Rodriguez-Oviedo's attorney Terry Malone, said she had expressed shame and remorse for her inexplicable acts. She has four children with a fifth on the way. No one was injured because of her actions and she cooperated with the court in the case.

Meisenheimer said he took into consideration Rodriguez-Oviedo's lack of a criminal history, her cooperation, pleading guilty to reduce the amount of time the court had to spend on the case and the fact that this was her first felony when pronouncing sentence. The range for the charge of aggravated criminal threat is 31-34 months and the sentencing reflects that consideration.

While this was meant as a hoax and no bombs were present and no one was hurt, the court could not ignore the disruption the e-mail had in the school district, Meisenheimer said.

The e-mail came in on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017 saying there were bombs planted in several buildings. Police were called, the emergency response plan was put into action and the e-mail service provider was contacted to determine who sent the e-mail.

Event's and classes were cancelled, KBI K-9 units were brought in and all USD 382 buildings were searched but nothing was found. Rodriguez-Oviedo was booked into Pratt County Jail on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 one count of aggravated criminal threat and one count of unlawful act concerning a computer. Her bond was set at $500,000.

She waived her rights to a preliminary hearing and to a jury trial and pled guilty to both counts.