Pratt Community College will host a Miss Kansas Sweeps event Saturday, Jan. 20 starting at noon. As many as six titles could be given in the event.

Contestants will take the Floyd Carpenter Auditorium Stage Saturday, Jan. 20 as they vie for a chance to participate in the 2018 Miss Kansas Pageant. The pageant will start at noon and the public is invited to attend.

Kerry Sallabedra, State Field Coordinator for the Miss Kansas Pageant, said this Sweeps Pageant will start at noon and is open to any contestant that has already been in a preliminary pageant this season but has not won a title. Recent local preliminaries were held Jan. 13 in Arkansas City for Miss Ark Valley and in Topeka for Miss Topeka and Miss Capital City.

This Sweeps event is similar to other preliminary pageants as far as competitions go. Each contestant will compete in evening wear, swim wear, talent and on-stage question. Each contestant will also have a private interview with the judges, Sallabedra said.

At some local preliminary pageants, more than one title is given and that is the case with sweeps. If nine or more contestants compete, the pageant can award three titles. Then the pageant starts over with a completely new set of judges and all the remaining contestants have do all the competitions again. Some contestants will compete in three pageants in one day at sweeps.

If at least six contestants compete, two titles can be awarded but if there are only four contestants, only one title is given. Only three events are allowed at the Pratt Sweeps. A similar Sweeps event is scheduled in Topeka on Jan. 27.

Since a new set of judges is required for each of Sweeps pageants, volunteers are extremely important for the operation of the pageant, Sallabedra said.

"It takes a village to put a pageant on and this (Sweeps) is no different," Sallabedra said. "We're been very lucky. We've had volunteers that come back many, many years."

Judges come from all over the area and can't have judged any of the other local preliminaries. There is no list of judges but most are found by word of mouth.

The purpose of Sweeps is to give as many girls a chance to take part in the Miss Kansas Pageant. This is the 77th anniversary of the Miss Kansas Pageant. The pageant focuses on the four points of the crown like Miss America. The four points are style, service, scholarship and success.

Contestants have to be between 17 and 25 to compete in Sweeps, a Preliminary and in the Miss Kansas Pageant. This is a change from last year when the age limit was moved from 24 to 25.

The Miss Kansas Pageant awarded $10,000 in scholarships last year. The pageant loves being in Pratt because they embrace the event. The Pageant looks forward to coming back to Pratt every year, Sallabedra said.

Doris Clark will be the Miss Kansas Pageant producer this year. Clark also produced the 2017 pageant.