A multi-family residence caught fire Thursday morning at 211 Austin Street.

Fire destroyed a home on 211 Austin Street, near Second Street in Pratt on Thursday morning. The home, owned by Craig and Carla Bates, who were not at home, was occupied by nine individuals. Early reports from law enforcement indicated that rescue was able to get all individuals out of the home by 11 a.m., but status of their conditions is not yet available. Lindsey Eggelston, Krissy Bates, Charree Wheatley and five young children were in the home at the time of the fire. For a time several children were trapped in the basement of the home.
Ammunition in the upper level of the home created increased danger and popped off sporadically during the incident.
Heat from the fire caused a near-by home at 215 Austin to also ignite and fire crews continue to work at both locations to put out flames.

Smoke from the initial structure was heavy at times, causing very limited visibility for several blocks North and West of the incident, slowing traffic on First Street.
An unexplained garage fire on Dec. 27 occurred at the same location, 211 Austin Street.
Pratt City Fire Department, assisted by Pratt Township 12 continues to work on the scene. Other townships have been contacted to be on standby for backup or assistance if needed.