The Pratt County Commissioners received the final plumbing estimates for the Law Enforcement Center and they add 10 percent to the initial estimate.

The last of the cost estimates for replumbing the Law Enforcement Center basement and jail cells are in and it is going to add an additional 10 percent to the original estimate for the project.

Bob Blasi of Adams Electric presented the final numbers to the Pratt County Commissioners at their regular meeting Feb. 12.

The LEC was built in 1976 and most of the water lines on the ceiling of the basement are in bad condition and need to be replaced.

The original estimated cost for the project was $413,000 but it didn't include the replacement cost of the basement ceiling pipes. Exactly why the engineers from Wichita didn't find out the condition of the pipes and give an estimate for them is unknown, said Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse.

After reviewing several options for pipes and valves, Blasi suggested and the commissioners approved using PEX pipes, valves, expansion rings and cable trays for $40,650. The Commissioners also approved the purchase of two 60-gallon water heaters for a total of $12,326. These are higher rated BTU units than in the average home because they have a high water volume turn over.

Pratt County EMS scanner frequency is moving. The EMS will now go onto the Pratt County Health Department repeater that is only used to test the county emergency sirens at noon on Mondays and during a weather emergency. Mike Tibbetts of RSI has evaluated the Health Department repeater and found it gives very good coverage across the county.

The EMS had requested a change in frequency so they wouldn't have to listen to so much traffic on their radios that had nothing to do with them. Changing to the Health Department frequency will be much less expensive then getting a new repeater dedicated to EMS and there will be no change in license, said Tibbetts who estimated putting up a new repeater would cost thousands and thousands.

The change over will take from two to three hours. Tibbetts will have to coordinate the changeover with Motorola and EMS. He estimates Motorola's work on the LEC console for the change over will run from $400 to $500 and his costs will be $75 an hour for about eight hours.

Work continues on replacing the drip pans for the HVAC system. The first floor is the only floor not finished. The project on first floor requires 12 pans that are being built at R & R Manufacturing. Cost of the 12 stainless steel drip pans is $7,500. The are stainless steel so they won't corrode.

Cullison Mayor Don Rose requested a property that was in the county tax sale be donated to the city of Cullison. The property, that is in the Cullison city limits, was on the county tax sale list but there were no bidders, said County Counselor Bob Schmisseur who put in a bid to try to encourage other bidders but none bid so he ended up owning the property.

The property is run down and Rose wants to tear it down along with another run down property in Cullison. Schmisseur said he would gladly give the property to Cullison in a quitclaim deed.

Darcie VanDerVyver, director of Public Health, said the County Health Office will be closed March 7 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for WIC buys.

The department is going to purchase a new pharmaceutical refrigerator for $778 with half the cost matched by Vaccines for Children.

Commissioners approved the purchase of a trailer from Sunflower Trailer Sales for $4,450. The trailer will hold cots, blankets and other items necessary for disaster relief.

Tim Branscom, county emergency manager, wants to replace the doors in the back of his office on South Main. He also wants to dispose of a riding mower, a mower at Emergency Management Services and a push mower. He will investigate putting the items on Purple Wave for sale.