Prattan Brittnee Hill will spend summer 2018 working as an entertainer at Worlds of Fun.

Pratt resident Brittnee Hill will be spending a lot of time at Worlds of Fun this summer but she won't have a lot of time to take in the rides.

Hill has been hired as a performer for the park that is located just off I-435 in Kansas City, Mo. She will be performing with a group of other actors on the International Trolly in a production of "Where's The Party." She and her fellow actors will be performing five times a day and six days a week. She'll be doing a lot of singing and is excited to be working at Worlds of Fun.

She decided to try for the job after visiting with some of her friends who had worked there before and liked working at the park.

Auditions for the job were about a month ago. This is the second time she has auditioned to work at the park. She was unsuccessful the first time but she went back this year and got the part.

There were from 70 to 80 people auditioning for the part so there was a lot of competition to get the jobs. For her audition, Hill had to sing then perform another song on the spot.

Hill was in several play productions in Pratt including parts at Pratt High School in "High School Musical" and "The Little Mermaid." She also did choreography for the PHS production of "West Side Story."

She will graduate from Wichita State University this May then head off to Kansas City for about six months where she will spend a lot of time working and thinking about moving after the season ends at Kansas City. After her time at Worlds of Fun, she is considering moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a performance career there.

While in college, a casting director from the "Round About Theatre Company" based in New York City came to WSU during Industry Day to visit with students about the industry and to critique their acting styles. There were also people from Kansas Repertory Theatre and Lyric Theater in Oklahoma City. Hill said she learned a lot from that visit.

"It was kind of like an audition," Hill said.

Hill came back to Pratt over spring break and her mother, Dee Hill, who manages the Ellis Kinney Municipal Pool, put her and her boy friend Carlton Ryker to work painting the pool building along with several of the pool lifeguards.

Hill is the daughter of Ron and Dee Hill. She graduated from Pratt High School in 2014. She won a Jester award for her performance as "Ariel" in the PHS production of "The Little Mermaid."