Pratt county land owners sought out guidance from the Pratt County Commissioners to resolve a conflict with a neighbor about the location of a fence.

Pratt County residents sought guidance from the Pratt County Commissioners about a conflict over a property line and some trees. The problem was presented to the Commissioners at their regular meeting on April 9.

Bill Jackson purchased a quarter of land and wants to run cattle on the property. This will require the construction of a fence around the property. Jackson's son Mike Jackson said there was a conflict with a neighbor over the location of some walnut trees and the property line.

Jackson said they have applied and received funds from EQIP for the fence and they are anxious to get the fence built so they can put cattle on the pasture.

There is an existing fence but the neighbor disputes the exact location of the property line and which side of the line the trees, that the neighbor claims are his, are located. There are also a couple of dead cotton wood trees that are an issue because they could fall and damage the fence once it is done.

County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said traditionally, the County Commissioners are fence viewers in matters like this. But some property lines were established over 100 years ago and accurate measurement was not as doable then as it is now with GPS. Any licensed surveyor should be able to compute the property line down to within an inch, Schmisseur said.

Jackson said he just wants to do what is right and work with the neighbor on getting the problem resolved but things aren't working out that way.

After discussion and conferring with County Counselor, the commissioners suggested the Jackson's get an independent survey made of the field to find out the exact position of the property line then proceed from there. The Jackson's agreed that would be a good next step to get the problem solved.

Dirt work for the new NextEra Energy Pratt Energy wind farm project can get underway. The Pratt Energy wind farm will be located in the southwest quadrant of Pratt County. Tim Branscom, county zoning administrator, said he had contacted NextEra Energy and told them they could start on the dirt work for the access roads to the wind towers and the lay down yard. The project is set to begin tower construction later this spring.

Branscom shared the information with the Pratt County Commissioners at their April 9 meeting.

Commissioner Glenna Borho said a county resident had requested a stop sign be placed at SE 80th Street and SE 120th Avenue. Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, said he would look at the intersection to see what needs to be done and get back with the commissioners at a later meeting.

County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said if a stop sign was added, it would have to be published in the newspaper.

Darci VanDerVyver, director of Public Health, said their new freezer had arrived and they would be doing the necessary temperature tests to get it ready for service.

VanDerVyver said she would like to update the lab room at the health department office. There are several counter levels in the lab and there isn't a good, flat counter level for her staff to work on.

"I'm trying to find a better flow for the lab," VanDerVyver said.

She wanted some guidance from the commissioners on what she would need to do to get an accurate plan for what needs to be done so she can put out bids for the project.

Schmisseur suggested getting Doug Knight, former owner of J.A. Knight and Sons Construction to evaluate what needed to be done and draw up a plan for the project.

VanDerVyver said she knows what she wants done but she needs a plan to send out bids.

Scott Harris, EMS director, said his department would have units at the Job-a-Thon on April 11 at the fairgrounds.

Bill Hampton, county Fire and Rescue Chief, presented bids for a new set of turn out gear for him. The Commissioners approved the low bid of $1,981 from M&B Auto Repair Sun City.

Hampton is now getting bids for a new jaws of life.

Note: Pratt County Fire and Rescue wants to get their own town at the Law Enforcement Center. It was not Township 12 wanting a ring tone as reported in the April 5 Tribune. The Tribune regrets the error.