Several businesses, homes and farms suffered wind damage with gusts clocked at 60 mph in and around Pratt on Tuesday.

High winds howled across Pratt County and south central Kansas April 17 and 18 raising dust, ripping off parts of roofs, breaking off a few tree limbs and causing  damage to some Main Street buildings.
“I heard it about 10:30 p.m.,” said Jamie Huber, whose barn/shop roof was lifted up and laid over the other half.
Though the building was heavily damaged, some pigs apparently slept through the entire event.
Huber lives a half mile south of the Pratt County Veteran’s Memorial Lake.
A portion of roofing material was found on the front steps of the Chapeau on North Main Street in Pratt on Wednesday morning. The material came off the El Trancazo building that is next door. A satellite dish also came off the roof and landed in the Chapeau back yard.
Alejandra Cordero, daughter of the El Trancazo owner, said the roofing material also covered an upstairs apartment in El Trancazo. Cordero said their insurance company had been notified and they hope something can be done quickly because rain is forecast for the weekend.
Some facia material on the Hope Center building in the 300 block of South Main was peeled off by the wind late Tuesday evening and landed on the sidewalk outside the building. Hope Center Senior Employment Trainee Josie McDowell discovered the material when she arrived at the building Wednesday morning.
Jeanette Gaider, Hope Center and Agape Health Clinic Director, said they contacted Carson Hopkins who owns the building and he contacted TK Handyman to take care of the problem.
Gaider said they also contacted the City and barricades were put up in front of the Center to proved a work area for Terry Williamson of TK Handyman. Williamson secured the remaining front boards because it was too windy to remove it safely now.
Dispatch at the Law Enforcement Center said no major damage had been reported to them but there were some tree branches down in town.
The National Weather Service in Dodge City reported a 60 mph wind gust at the Pratt Regional Airport at 11:15 p.m. on April 17. An earlier gust of 58 mph was recorded at 10:55 p.m.