USD 382 identified capital outlay priorities at April board of education meeting.

The list of capital outlay projects needing funding for efficient operation at USD 382 is a fluid, ongoing measure of priorities, but Pratt board of education members got a little closer to identifying those needing an approval vote at their next meeting, when they met April 9, 2018.
Superintendent Suzan Patton identified four items from a longer list of discussion, naming visitors' bleachers at the high school's Zerger field, fencing for Southwest Elementary's K-1 playground area, classroom carpeting at Southwest and high school band uniforms as top priorities.
"We need to dispose of those wooden seats in the middle section," Patton said. "I would like to take out the entire middle section and replace it with all aluminum."
Patton said the middle section was actually supported by scaffolding, with collected moisture in the piping causing rust from the inside-out.
Board member Bill Skaggs questioned if the district was required to provide so much room for visiting school. He wondered if the old bleachers be taken out and not necessarily replaced.
"Do we need that entire 50-foot section, or what?" Skaggs asked. "When we go to other schools, we get crammed in those small areas on flimsy little bleachers."
Patton said the bleachers are often completely full at Greenback events and considers it necessary to fix the bleachers.
"I would like to point out that we will need to reach a decision on the bleachers next month," Patton said.
An cost estimate for fencing at the Southwest Elementary K-1 playground area showed near $23,000 would be needed for a 6-foot tall, 11-gauge wire fence with 21 line posts. Estimates for classroom carpeting and high school band uniforms were not firmed up yet, but Patton said high school band students were willing to model some uniform prototypes at the May board meeting.
"I think May is the month we need to vote so we can get these projects approved and scheduled for our budget," she said.
Other capital outlay items discussed included sound system, projector at high school, landscaping at Southwest Elementary, mascot redesign and a new route bus.
April approvals made by the board included the LMS Chromebook Initiative, presented by Molly Swank and Tony Helfrich, which would put a iPad plus case and carry bag in each student's hands for $260 per device. Cost will be subsidized by a federal program for technology advances in schools.
The board approved the Foreign Frogs request for permission to travel to the Dominican Republic in June 2018. The group has done and continues to plan fund-raising efforts to bring individual cost per student down. Patton indicated that participants would be covered by the school's liability policy during the trip, even with a combination of parent and district money contributed for the event.