Pratt High School teachers became teachers for a day at the Greenback Wellness Day at Southwest Elementary. A South Central Community Foundation grant was used to purchase the equipment used at the event.

Children were jumping up and down, standing on one foot and touching their noses with their eyes closed and watching in amazement as their legs would suddenly kick without them thinking about it.

This was just part of that activities at the Greenback Wellness Clinic at Southwest Elementary on April 25.

The Wellness Clinic stations included self awareness, muscles, exercise, reflexes, heart and blood pressure, breathing and carbon monoxide. Pratt High School students from

Joy Schmidt’s Life Science class on anatomy and physiology became teachers as they demonstrated how each of the body systems functions, Joy Schmidt said.

The instruments used for the various stations were made available through at grant from the South Central Community Foundation. David Schmidt, USD 382 assistant superintendent, said the SCCF grant was $2,500 and this particular grant money had to be health related. The money from the grant was used to purchase the equipment used at the wellness clinic.

Equipment include heart rate monitor, blood pressure cuff, monitor that measures strength, equipment that measures the amount of carbon monoxide expelled in breathing, equipment that stimulates muscle movement and more.

Children leaned how activity increased their heart rate, how sugar impacts their body, how people stand can effect their balance, how the nervous system has voluntary and in- voluntary reactions and much more.

The students that ran each of the stations at the wellness clinic had special training for the event. They traveled to Ft. Leavenworth and worked with the staff in the U.S. Army health lab on the base. Their training helped them operate the equipment properly and run the tests correctly, David Schmidt said.

The students learned how the military gauges fitness and and helps soldiers lose weight.

The high school students were able to replicate those Ft. Leavenworth test procedures at the wellness clinic to give precise readings and information to the students.

At the wellness clinic,students were divided into small groups and rotated through each station at the clinic. At each station the student leaders would explain what that part of the body did and how it would be tested. Several students in each group got to participate in the exercises then each group would move on to the next station. Students were encouraged to ask questions and participate in each stations activities.

The equipment used in the wellness clinic will be kept and used in Joy Schmidt’s classroom.

Besides the SCCF grant that was used to purchase the equipment for the wellness clinic, a separate SCCF grant for $5,000 was used to purchase water bottle filling stations for the District buildings. It was also part of a “Walk Around the World” challenge that had students keep track of their steps during the day and how much water they drank, David Schmidt said.

The SCCF grant cycle for 2018 will open June 1. Applications will be available on the SCCF web site.