Sixty students and a handful of teachers gave up cell phones for a day to discover how much they are attached to their phones and give them a chance to communicate in person.

Challenge. Give up your cell phone for a day. Don’t use it, don’t carry it, just put it away and go live life for a day without it.

A group of 60 students and a few teachers at Pratt High School did just that on May 10 and their world did not come crashing down. Those who participated turned their phones in at the office so they could be locked in the safe. Many students opted not to take the challenge.

For those students who took the challenge, it didn’t take them long to get to the office when the announcement came that they could come get their phones. The first thing many did was look to see how many messages they missed. Some students had a hard time waiting and tried to get their phones back early.

For freshman James Kiley, it was definitely an eye opening exercise. He wanted to find out how much he was on his phone and how much he missed it. Kiley quickly admitted he had a very anxious day without the phone. He was so used to having the phone on vibrate that when his leg twitched, he thought it was his phone. He reached for his phone multiple times during the day and found he missed snap chat the most.

“It was difficult. I use my phone a lot and I’m on it 24-7. I felt like part of me was gone. I felt like my leg was missing,” Kiley said. “I was pretty anxious. I kept reaching down to see if it was there.”

The experience was valuable for him. He didn’t realize how much he used it and could cut down.

Freshman Gabriella Cannata found herself reaching for her phone a lot. She also found she got a lot more done during the day because the phone wasn’t there. But she certainly missed it.

“I definitely didn’t need it but I really wished I had my phone,” Cannata said. “I got a lot of work done without it.”