Every Skyline family will have to sign a bullying policy at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Every family will have to sign a bullying policy at the start of the 2018-2019 school year at Skyline. Becca Flowers, Skyline superintendent, said this is done so all families will under- stand the policy. If students sign, they agree to not bully students or teachers. The information was presented to the Skyline Board of Education at their regular meeting on May 14.

If an out of district student does bully someone, they will no longer be allowed to attend Skyline. If an in district student bullies someone, legal action may be taken. There will be supplemental training for teachers on bullying.

Summer School at Skyline will have 37 students this year. At-risk funding will pay for summer school that is scheduled for two half-days a week. The program is designed with a lot of project learning for the older students, said Superintendent Becca Flowers.

In an effort to control costs, the Board approved$1,500 to hire a consultant from Kansas Education Insurance Trust to help the district find the best group rate on insurance. Several school districts are working with the Trust to find the most affordable insurance coverage. Flowers said if they could stay with the insurance group they have now, that would be best.

Flowers presented information about a proposed soccer field and track facility next to the Green Sports Complex. The field could be stripped for football. Pratt Community College is spearheading the drive to get the facility and is looking for support from the school districts that will be able to use the facility as well, Flowers said.

Some of the concerns about becoming part of the $3.5 million project was the $100,000 Skyline commitment over a five year period, leasing the facility and maintenance of the facility. The Board wanted more time to consider the matter and took no action on the matter.

Sara Lewton, student and family support coordinator, presented information on the selection of a social and emotional learning program. Information will gathered on school climate from multiple sources to help select a program that will meet the needs of Skyline students.

Parents, students and teachers all received surveys that will help tap into each classes character to help make a decision on a program.

The district will provide an after school study skills group for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade from 3:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. using current staff. Teachers aids will be hired as necessary depending on the number of students participating.

Skyline will host a Buck Institute training event in August. The institute promotes Project Based Learning. There is space for 34 teachers to attend. Skyline has attended Institute training before but at other locations. It will be less expensive to host the event at Skyline.

Student Success Coordinator Diane House reported that state assessments had been completed for grades 3-11 and that grade school students had visited the Sedgwick County Zoo, Tanganyika Wildlife Park and the Pratt County Jail.

A soft start has been initiated for Skyline elementary students for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the day to help students ease into the day. Activities included sixth graders reading announcements and the day in history.

Flowers said that although she was unable to attend the Skyline 50th Anniversary because she was at her son’s wedding, she had heard many positive comments about it.