Laura Davis, St. John, enjoys her sideline enterprise making and selling greeting cards as The Paper Hen.

The postal service may someday thank Laura Davis of St. John for keeping them in business. The full-time director at Ida Long Goodman Library also has an active side business in which she makes and sells paper crafted gift cards. She calls her hobby The Paper Hen because she is always hatching up all kinds of paper craft ideas to make.
"I guess I'm old-fashioned because I like to make things that are useful and I still like to send cards by snail mail," Davis said. "And there seems to be a lot of interest from others about making their own cards. There is just something special about getting something you can hold in your hands."
Last Saturday, Davis packed up her specially made wooden display card-holder and set up at the Pratt Farmer's Market where she had a successful day selling her hand-crafted products.
"I had a lot of people tell me they would like to try making cards," she said. "It's fun to play with glue and the many different colors of paper and stamp combinations. It's kind of like the coloring craze in that people are rediscovered how working with crafts is relaxing and fun."
Paper crafting has long been a popular activity offered at the library where Davis works, with a class taught by Mary K. Williams every second Wednesday of the month.
"We used to discontinue classes during the summer, but we have such an interested group going that they want to continue," Davis said. "Others are welcome to join anytime, but there is a registration process so Mary knows how many to plan for."
Those interested in learning to make greeting cards and other paper-crafting projects can call the library at 620-549-3227 to register.
Those interested in learning more about Davis own hand-made products can find her on Facebook at The Paper Hen.
"I've sold items on E bay in the past, but recently have sold so much locally that it cut in to my inventory and I had to take down those offered online," she said. "One of my goals this summer is to build my inventory back up."
One of Davis other goals this summer is to pursue her dream of purchasing a vintage camper and 'glamping' it out as a special paper crafting office on wheels.
"I think that would be so much fun to have it all in one place and then be able to drive to farmer's markets to sell," she said.
Davis also plans to prepare for more fall farmer's market options as she enjoys getting out and sharing with others who have similar interests in creativity.
In addition to making paper crafts, Davis likes to experiment with handmade jewelry and when she isn't quite so busy with activities at the library as she is this last week of school, she hopes to spend more time on that creative outlet as well.