The Pratt County Recycling Center is seeing an increase in out-of-county business.

The Pratt County recycle center is showing an increase in out-of-town business from Kingman and Barber Counties.

“We are getting a lot of out-of-county people,” said Jason Winkel, land fill manager at the regular county commission meeting June 11.

The Kingman County facility has shut down and there isn’t one in Barber County so people are coming to Pratt. The recycle center continues to get positive feedback on their service from both locals and out-of-town customers.

“It’s great to hear people come and say we’re doing a great job,” Winkel said.

A new grader is in the future for the Pratt County Land Fill. Winkel said the grader they use now has 10,000 hours and has several problems. They are installing a new alternator but there are other problems that have prompted him to consider an new grader. Commissioner Joe Reynolds said they should not put money into the grader if they can avoid it.

At the recycle center, prices for recycled materials continue to be low. Cardboard went from $160 a ton to $25 a ton in just a week. If prices continue to stay low, Winkel said they would hold shipping and just store bundles on site.

He did ship out about 45,000 pounds of a combination of magazines and newspaper.

Work continues on the upgrade in the jail at the Pratt Law Enforcement Center. Bob Blasi, of Adams Electric, estimates it will take another 9 weeks to complete plumbing and reconstruction of cells. Since it is an active jail, some the work that could be done inside at another type of job has to be done outside and that takes more time, Blasi said.

Several department heads presented budgets for consideration including Robert Torres, environmental services and noxious weed department, whose budget included a $30,000 in- crease for contractual services.

Pratt County Attorney Tracey Beverlin said District Magistrate Judge Richard Raleigh of Barber County has resigned to take the Harper County Attorney position. District Magistrate Judge James Biles of Harper County is retiring. This will impact scheduling and dockets in the 30th Judicial District.

Amy Schrag, Pratt Library Board of Directors president, presented a $130,000 budget that is an increase of $5,000 over this year. Schrag reported the library had its highest circulation in 16 years with 72,000 items. There was an average of 17 teens per day using the Teen Zone with 5,281 that signed in last year. The average number of people using the library per day jumped from 140 in 2016 to 240 per day in 2017.

Tiffany Ailstock, RSVP program director, said her transportation grant had increased $5,000.

Emergency Services Director Scott Harris said that he had hired a new paramedic and is now just one person short of having a full staff.

Bill Hampton, county fire and rescue chief, said his department needed to update pagers that can receive two separate tones.

Darcie VanDerVyver, director of Public Health, said her department was ordering more Tdap vaccinations. They have used used all 100 in stock and she is requesting an additional 100 doses.

The health department as provided two airways to the Recreation Department and one to the Ellis Kinney Municipal Pool in case of emergency.

Commissioners approved a $6,000 reimbursement to the City of Cullison to cover expenses for tearing down two dilapidated houses.