Seidel's Golf Course is an oasis of green in northeast Pratt County that challenges area golfers to test their skill and patience.

It’s an oasis of green where people come to test their skill and patience. Located at 30370 NE 30th Street, Seidel’s Golf Course sits among groves of trees and its rolling hills give golfers nine holes that challenge their golfing skills.

Owner Robert Seidel maintains and manicures the course to assure golfers of a well kept facility where they can practice their game.

The nine hole course was built in 1985 and is a par 35 that covers 2,628 yards over the 45 acres of the course. The course is open year round and golfers can play at any time. Daily green fees are $15 and cart rental is $15per nine holes. Member rates for singles are $450 a year and couples are $700 a year.

The course is open to both members and walk-on. Currently, the course has 70 members.

Seidel said that most of his business is in the spring and fall, his busiest day of the week is Sunday.

Some of his busiest days are in the middle of winter. When people have been cooped up for a while and the weather turns nice, reaching upper 60s to low 70s, they take the opportunity to get out of the house and play nine holes, Seidel said.

Matt Lynch is a regular at the club and tries to play four times a week. He enjoys walking the course but confesses that he appreciates a golf cart when he makes the walk up that last hill on No. 9. Lynch likes the course and sometimes plays two balls at once to get in more practice.

It takes a lot of work to maintain the golf course. Depending on the time of year, Seidel mows the fairways twice a week and the greens are mowed every other day at least. His mowing machine gives the grass such a fine trim that it almost resembles a lush, green carpet.

Mowing the greens every other day makes the surface smoother and allows the ball to roll easier, Seidel said.

Seidel has Bent grass on the greens that is very tight and forms a solid, smooth surface.

Anyone who has been in Kansas very long knows it gets hot in the summer and that means grass is using a lot of water to stay alive and grow. Seidel said once the temperature gets above 80 degrees, he has to water the course every day. He usually does the watering at night for the golfers’ convenience.

Taking care of the golf course is pretty much a one-man operation but he does get some help with the mowing from his sister Rhonda Fruend and from his friend Kelly Eastes.

Maintaining the course and equipment takes up most of Seidel’s time but he enjoys it and enjoys what it does for the golfers.

“It’s a lot to do. I do it for the people more than anything else,” Seidel said.

For information about the course, contact Seidel at 620-672-7468.