The family of the late Susan Davies is offering education scholarships to employees of Pratt Health and Rehabilitation as thanks for taking care of Davies during her time with them.

Employees at Pratt Health and Rehabilitation wanting to further their education have access to a special scholarship made available by the family of a late Health and Rehab resident.

Susan Davies passed away June 3 at Pratt Health and Rehab. She had been in the facility off and on for two years. There were a couple of aides that that became special friends with Davies during her time at the facility. Because of the kind treatment she received at the facility, Davies and her family wanted to do something special for the facility.

“They gave her the best of care and were very nice to her,” said Debby Lambert, sister of Davies, who organized the scholarship. “She made a lot of friends there.”

The family looked at options to show their appreciation to Health and Rehab, then made the decision to make a scholarship available for members of the staff who wanted to continue their education.

The arrangements were made and the family was able to offer a $500 scholarship per semester for two people, said Linda Watson, Pratt Health and Rehab administrator.

Having a scholarship available for staff and made possible by a family donation is new for Pratt Health and Rehab. The offer has created a lot of interest among the staff. Several have already picked up applications.

“I informed the staff and they were very excited about it,” Watson said. “It was so nice for the family to do this. It was very generous and kind thing to do.”

When the scholarships are awarded, they will be sent directly to the school of the staff member’s choice.

Application requirements:

• Applicants must be an employee of Pratt Health and Rehab for at least 90 days before applying.

• Applicants must submit a completed application to include a one-page narrative testifying as to the need for financial assistance and desire to pursue or further her/his education.

• Application must be submitted by Aug. 1, 2018 for 2018 fall semester and Jan. 5, 2019 for 2019 spring semester.

All applications will be considered. An outside party from Pratt Community College will decide the winning candidates.

Pratt Health and Rehab continues to serve members of Davies family. Her mother, Ailene Teegarden and sister, Kim Hitson, are residents at the facility. Lambert was also a CNA at the facility several years ago.