John Woodson's Leg, a local heavy metal band, will preform a love concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 7 in the Pratt Public Library auditorium.

It sounds more like a medical issue than the name of a heavy metal band, but John Woodson’s Leg is most definitely a hard driving, heavy metal band with Pratt roots. The band features Prattan Dustin Cates on drums, Prattan H.T. Brown on guitar, Greg Garcia from Wichita is on Bass and Ricky Vanatta from Derby handles vocals.

The group will be performing at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 7 at the Pratt Public Library Auditorium. This is a heavy metal band in a very confined space so the music will be loud and ear protection is suggested, Cates said.

“I would recommend ear plugs or hearing protection. It’s going to be extra loud,” Cates said. “You just can’t turn the drums down.”

A library auditorium may not seem a likely place for a heavy metal concert but when library Director Rochelle Westerhaus contacted the band to play a concert, it was a unique opportunity and they decided to go for it.

“I thought is would be a pretty cool opportunity to play a heavy metal show in my home town,” Cates said.

A librarian staff member did some research on their music. Generally, the band plays in bars for the 21 and over scene. Cates said the library performance will definitely be a family friendly version of their music and performance style. It’ll be great for all ages, Cates said.

Playing in Pratt is tricky for a heavy metal band. They have tried several locations but each location declined.

“I think when they hear heavy metal, they imagine a worst case scenario. In reality, everyone is pretty cool,” Cates said.

If a unique name is a selling point, then John Woodson’s Leg is an attention getter. The band was looking for a unique name and came across a list of words taken out of context from headlines and how they might be a good name for a band. It was a feature on T95 radio on the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire show. They had developed an Ultimate Band List with three pages of names, some that were hilarious but not usable for a band name.

Cates said that John Woodson was a real person and the rumor was Woodson was suing AIG who wouldn’t pay to get him prosthetic leg, hence the name.

John Woodson’s Leg members draw their heavy metal inspiration from Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and classic rock.

About 10 to 12 years ago, band member Brown moved to Pratt and Cates had been interested in starting a band. Cates hooked up with Brown and they started practicing in Cate’s old carpet store. The pair have been jamming ever since.

In April 2009 the band came together and started doing shows across the region in Wichita, Dodge City, Manhattan, Lawrence, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Cates and Brown write and play their own music plus music from their original bass player Rick Burrell.