Pratt swim team members get good results at season finals.

By Jennifer Stultz

Another successful year of swimming is in the books for more than 70 Pratt area children who were part of the 2018 Pratt Swim Team.

While proud of all team members for their dedi- cation, efforts and im- provement shown during the 5-week season, coach Tonja Harrison noted three participants earned top honors.

“We had three kids this year earn swimmer of the year medals today at our finals meet,” Harrison said. “This is based on points by places. Congrat- ulations to Clara Slater, Mackenzie Zimmerman and Hunter Egging.”

Here are the results of the Finals Competition for the Pratt Swim Team 2018 Swim Meet. Results are by Age Group, Gender, Stroke Type, Position, Name, Time.

Age Gender Stroke Po- sition Name Team Total Age5-6BoyBreast Stroke: 3rd Hudson Bark- er,00:46.77; 4th Logan Arnett, 00:50.17;5th, Ryk- er Prater, 00:56.79; 6th, Nathan Krehbiel, 00:59.74. Freestyle: 2nd Nathan Krehbiel, 00:39.66: 5th Logan Ar- nett, 00:44.06; 6th Ryker

Age 5 - 6 Girl Breast

Stroke: 1st Clara Slater, 00:44.11; 4th Madeline Copus, 00:54.57;

5th Emma Gallagher, 00:55.20; 6th Estella Bev- erlin, 01:21.12; Freestylea; 1st Clara Slater, 00:40.79; 2nd Emma Gallagher, 00:42.02; 3rd Madeline Copus, 00:50.42; 5th, Ashlynn Riffey Pratt 00:52.50; 6th, Estella Beverlin, 01:06.15.

Ages 7 - 8 Boy Back Stroke:: 2nd August Deeds, 00:30.02; 3rd Trevyn Zimmerman, 00:33.20; 5th, Trent Thibault, 00:41.09; 6th, Drake Riffey, 00:47.65. Breast: 2nd Drake Riffey, 00:34.97; 6th, August Deeds, 00:42.48. Butter- fly: 1st August Deeds, 00:31.32 6th Drake Riffey Pratt 00:38.26; Freestyle: 1st August Deeds, 00:24.72: 5th Trent Thibault, 00:31.47.

Ages 7-8 Girl Back

Stroke: 2nd Kadyn Estes, 00:29.70; 3rd Johanna Forssberg, 00:29.94; 5th Cara Riffey 00:36.06. Breast: 2nd Kadyn Estes, 00:34.35; 4th Johanna Forssberg,00:38.09. But- terfly:: 3rd Kadyn Estes, 00:35.35; 4th Johanna Forssberg; 00:38.61; 6th Cara Riffey, 00:42.65. Freestyle: 3rd Johanna Forssberg, 00:27.05; 4th Kadyn Estes, 00:29.31.

Ages9-10BoyBack Stroke: 2nd Levi Thibault, 00:23.44; 3rd Ryan Haas, 00:26.96.

Breast: 4th Levi Thibault, 00:28.70; 6th, Kyler Barker, 00:29.81; Butterfly: Ryan Haas, 00:26.25; 4th Levi Thibault, 00:27.55; Freestyle: 2nd Levi Thibault, 00:18.83; 6th Ryan Haas, 00:22.89.

Ages 9 - 10 Girls Back Stroke: 1st Megan Younie, 00:22.78: 3rd Kate Wilt- shire, 00:23.96; 4th Sa- vannah Copus, 00:26.62. Breast Stroke: 1st Savan- nah Copus, 00:26.60; 3rd Sydney Riley, 00:27.83; 4th Maisy Fields, 00:27.90; 5th Megan Younie,00:28.39. Butter- fly: 2nd Megan Younie, 00:23.00; 4th Savannah Copus. 00:24.81; 5th Kate Wiltshire, 00:28.00; 6th Maisy Fields, 00:30.68. Freestyle: 1st Megan Younie, 00:18.46; 4th Sa- vannah Copus, 00:21.35.

Ages 11 - 12 Boy Back Stroke: 2nd Jack Barker, 00:21.91; 5th Grayson Mandl, 00:23.83. Breast: 3rd Jack Barker, 00:23.05; 5th Grayson Mandl, 00:26.85. Butter- fly; 2nd Jack Barker, 00:18.64: 4th Grayson Mandl, 00:21.19. Freestyle: 3rd Jack Bark- er, 00:16.29; 4th Grayson Mandl, 00:17.42.

c 1st Quinn Thibault, 00:19.08; 2nd Kyndra Estes 00:21.75; 3rd Corinne Donnenwerth, 00:21.80; 4th Mackenzie

Zimmerman, 00:22.98; 6th Jenna Haas, 00:24.10. Breast Stroke: 1st Mackenzie Zimmer-

man, 00:22.82;
2nd: Corinne Donnen-

werth, 00:22.87; 3rd Jen- na Haas, 00:23.45; 4th Adelyn Fields, 00:24.39; 5th Kyndra Estes, 00:26.00. Butterfly: 1st Corinne Donnenwerth, 00:16.84;

2nd Quinn Thibault, 00:16.86; 3rd Mackenzie Zimmerman, 00:18.06; 5th Kyndra Estes, 00:21.16. Freestyle: 1st Mackenzie Zimmerman, 00:15.71; 2nd Corinne Donnenwerth, 00:16.00; 4th Quinn Thibault, 00:16.58; 6th Jenna Haas, 00:18.77.

Ages 13 - 14 Boy Back Stroke: 3rd Grant Younie, 00:42.15; 5th Sam Brant, 00:45.09.

Breast Stroke: 2nd Kaden Barker, 00:44.12; 4th Grant Younie, 00:46.68. Butterfly: 1st Kaden Barker, 00:34.70; 4th Grant Younie, 00:39.82. Freestyle 3rd Kaden Barker, 00:32.69; 6th Grant Younie, 00:35.23.

Ages 11 - 12 Girls Back Stroke: 2nd T'Lane To- bin, 00:47.74; 3rd Ruby Howell 00:48.86;

4th Claire Kiley, 00:50.00; Breast Stroke: 3rd Claire Kiley, 00:49.15; 4th Ruby Howell, 00:56.21; 5th T'Lane To- bin, 00:58.98. Butterfly 1st Ruby Howell, 00:40.88; 3rd T'Lane To- bin, 00:47.14; 4th Claire Kiley, 00:58.00. Freestyle: 2nd Ruby Howell, 00:40.56; 3rd T'Lane To- bin, 00:40.92; 4th Claire Kiley, 00:45.83.

Ages 15 & Up Boy Back Stroke: 2nd Hunter Egging, 00:50.64; Breast Stroke: 1st Hunter Egging, 00:51.35; Butterfly: 1st Hunter Egging, 00:44.18; Freestyle: 1st Hunter Egging, 00:36.72.

Ages 15 & Up Girls Back Stroke: 2nd Maggie Haas, 00:48.87; 3rd Bridget Ki- ley, 00:56.37; 4th Jenna Harbaugh, 01:02.01. Breast Stroke: 1st Mag- gie Haas, 00:50.08;

2nd Bridget Kiley, 00:51.75; 4th Jenna Har- baugh 01:03.60.Butterfly: 1st Maggie Haas, 00:42.56; 2nd Bridget Ki- ley, 00:49.14; 4th Jenna Harbaugh, 00:56.14; Freestyle: 1st Bridget Ki- ley, 00:38.09; 2nd Mag- gie, Pratt 00:38.46; 4th Jenna Harbaugh, 00:41.00.

12 & Under Boy IM: 2nd Jack Barker, 01:35.40; 4th Grayson Mandl, 01:55.52.

12 & Under Girls IM: 1st Corinne, Pratt 01:35.90; 2nd Mackenzie Zimmer- man Pratt 01:39.08; 3rd Quinn Thibault, 01:45.12; 4th Jenna Haas, 01:48.59; 5th Kyndra Estes, 01:51.65; 6th Megan Younie, 01:55.00.

13&UpBoyIM:3rd Kaden Barker, 01:28.93; 5th Grant Younie, 01:33.81;6th Sam Brant Pratt 01:34.54.

13 & Up Girls IM: 2nd Ruby Howell, 01:38.93; 3rd Maggie Haas, 01:40.00; 5th Bridget Ki- ley 01:45.57; 6th T'Lane Tobin, 01:52.47.