The Reach Church Motion Student Ministries is selling fire works to raise money for missionaries and camp.

The children in Reach Church’s Motion Student Ministries are helping Pratt area families make a lot of noise this week.

Motion Student Ministries has a fireworks stand on north U.S. 281 as a fundraising project and members, both present and past, are helping sell 4th of July stock at the stand that is located at 1223 North Main.

The church also has a fireworks stand with different fireworks at the entrance to the Pratt County Fairgrounds on Lake Road. It was purchased in 2017 from the previous owner.

Reach Church’s youth pastor Brady Seidel said the church has had the stand on North Main for five years and it was started as a fundraiser for a missionary trip to Alaska.

The stand still raises funds for Speed the Light missionary needs including vehicles and sound equipment. Some of the funds are also used to send children, ages 12 to 18, to camp.

In previous years the stand was located on the Prater Oil property but the property has changed hands and the stand has moved a few feet south to the Knights of Columbus parking lot.

“The Knights of Columbus allowed us to set up here” Seidel said.

So far, sales are going fairly well. They get a lot of business from church members and from students’ friends. There are many that come to purchase that want to sup- port missions. Seidel admits the location is not as good as other locations but the customers always show up.

“God always provides a way,” Seidel said.

Some of the funds help pay for camp. The children have just returned from Wheat State Camp in Augusta. Camp has chapel every night with a Bible quiz that tests campers knowledge of scripture. Camp is two weeks long for high school students and one week for middle school students.

Besides religious activities, there is also time for water park activities including a zip line, water slide and a big inflated floating pad called a “blob” where one person sits on the edge and another jumps on the other end and sends the seated person flying into the water.

Averey Haskett, a 14-year-old who has just returned from camp and volunteers at the fireworks stand. She said working at the fireworks stand was a lot of fun with some cash bonuses for those that help set up or take down the stand.

Haskett has been in the group for two years and she enjoys hanging out with the group. Her camp experience was very important for her. She said she has developed a deeper relationship with Christ.

A guest speaker at camp, Tim Enloe, told stories that the children could relate to and kept them engaged with the message, Haskett said.

“He went deeper into the meaning,” Haskett said. “I really listened to the preacher. It made me realize who Christ is.”

The message convinced Haskett that she needed to have a stronger relationship with Christ. She does devotions, reads and prays more.

Bryan Beittel is the pastor at Reach Church that is located at 1000 East Sixth Street. Sunday School is at 9 a.m. with church experience at 10 a.m.

Motion Student Ministries meet at 7 p.m. on Wednesday nights at the church with time to hang out starting at 6 p.m. Children meet at 6:30 p.m. and adults meet at 7 p.m.

Other fireworks stands in the area include Pam and Deb’s Fireworks on East First Street across from Walmart, Wholesale Fireworks on K-61 by Hamm Auction and BCB Fireworks at the intersection of East U.S. 54 and SE 25th Avenue on the road to Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake. All of these stands, with the exception of Wholesale Fireworks, are locally owned and operated. Wholesale Fireworks is based in Wichita.