Greenback cheerleaders get ready for a new year with a larger squad than last year and top-notch camp experiences and awards from last week.

Pratt High School Cheer Coach Susan Pixler has a lot to smile about these days with two major honors awarded to PHS Cheer Team members at the 2018 Cheer Camp held June 18-20 at PHS.
The team as a whole won a Superior/Gold rating and five individual members were named “All-American” which entitles them to participate in the 2019 New Year’s Eve Parade in London, England. Greenback All-Americans are Allisan McGowan, Mallary Nelson, Brianna Cruz, Kieara Kaufman and Dalton Davidson.
The successful camp also set the PHS Cheer Squad up for future successes, including participation in the Kansas State High School Activities Association Game Day scheduled for November 17 in Topeka.
“Last year we placed fifth in the 4A division and the girls have set a goal to win this year,” Pixler said. “The skills we learned at our camp go a long way in preparing us for that. With 11 seniors this year, we’ve got some great members with the athleticism needed.”
Close to 30 cheerleaders and PHS Cheer Squad stuntmen James Kiley, Max Rickard and Dalton Davidson participated in the camp and will be members of the 2018-2019 squad.
For this year’s camp, cheer squad members “camped out” at the school, practicing by day in the gymnasium and sleeping by night in the library.
“It was fun,” said senior cheerleader Brianna Cruz. “We all played games together and bonded as a team.”  
She also said that no one seemed to mind too much that the library floor was really hard.
Pixler, who started coaching the cheer squad ­­over 12 years ago, said that there are more cheerleaders this year than in the past years, added together.
“I guess it’s becoming more of a popular thing to cheer,” said Cruz, who joined the ranks of cheerleader as a sophomore.
The cheer camp was directed by two seasoned cheerleaders with the Universal Cheer Association, students recruited from Wichita State University and Pittsburg State University.