A jail cell wall that is not the same size as the others has caused a delay in the remodel project at the Pratt Law Enforcement Center.

Work on the Pratt County Jail will be delayed following the discovery of a jail wall that is wider than the other walls.

Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White presented the information to the Pratt County Commissioners at their regular meeting July 2. An extension kit for a toilet has been ordered.

The jail is undergoing a renovation that includes upgrading the plumbing system in areas of the Law Enforcement Center that were not part of an earlier expansion and remodeling project in the booking area and dispatch. There are several weeks to go in the remodel.

County Clerk Sherry Kruse notified the commissioners that she had received a $50,000 check from Blue Cross Blue Shield as a return on unused funds from the county premiums. The money will go into the employee benefit fund.

Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, presented and received approval from the commissioners for a two year contract for $10,560 with Kirkham Michael, consulting engineers for Pratt County, to inspect the 88 bridges in Pratt County.

City workers placed numerous trash receptacles at the Pratt County Veteran’s Memorial Lake in preparation for the fireworks display on July 3. Cleanup day is set for Thursday, July 5 to catch the last of the season’s fireworks.

Community Service workers and a church group will take on the task of cleaning up the fireworks debris left over from the holiday.

The noxious weed department will be spraying for bindweed in October. Fall is a good time to spray because once bindweed has produced its seed, it puts its energy downward into the plant and that carries the herbicide downward as well and is more effective, said Robert Torres, noxious weed department head.

The department is keeping up with musk thistle complaints and will spray again.

Scott Harris, EMS director, said he had two new hires and one was a full time paramedic.

Abbigail Doherty, a recent EMT hire, will be taking training to become an EMT A. Training will covered by a grant from the state. The county will pay for the training then be reimbursed by the state.

Ben Trout, EPM computerized temperature controls, presented his companies capabilities and how much they could save the county in operating expenses. Commissioners will review the information and revisit the matter at a later meeting.

County resident Gary Martin asked the commissioners for advice concerning a problem with his residence. He purchased a prefabricated home from Country Side Homes and said there was a rattlesnake in the shower. He tried to get rid of the snake but wasn’t sure it was gone. He contacted Country Side Homes about the situation. He wanted a new home for replacement but did not get a resolution to the problem to his satisfaction.

He said he had tried contacting lawyers but said they didn’t want his case. Martin cut off the power to his home two years ago and doesn’t live in the house.

Martin was advised to contact Kansas State Attorney General Derek Schmidt for help with his situation.