A cost reduction to join emergency notification systems has prompted Pratt County Emergency Manager Tim Branscom to look for new system for Pratt County.

A new emergency notification system is under consideration for Pratt County. Tim Branscom, County Emergency manager, said recent reductions in cost to join a system has prompted Branscom to look for an emergency notification system option. He presented the information to the Pratt County Commissioners at their regular Monday meeting July 9.

A couple of the county’s small weather stations are being repositioned to give better coverage. One will go to the landfill and the other to Skyline, Branscom said.

Commissioners approved $3,344 for a new pump, wiring and motor for a water well at the landfill, said Jason Winkel, county landfill manager.

New electrical lines are needed at the recycle center to provide more outlets and eliminate power strips and extension cords. Winkel is working on getting those lines installed. Bill Hampton, county Fire and Rescue Chief, said they have cleaned out the 1996 Suburban, had the door handle repaired and presented it to community service. The 1990 community Service vehicle will probably go up for sale on Purple Wave.

The new jaws of life has been received and Hampton thanked the Commissioners for helping get this new piece of equipment.

Seven people from Pratt Count Rescue took part in the two-day Kansas State Fire Fighters Association training sessions.

County Fire and Rescue will be on standby at the Pratt County Fair at the demolition derby at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, July 27 and again for the monster truck show at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 28. Both events will be at the lower arena on the north end of the fairgrounds.

Hampton said his department would take part in a LifeTeam helicopter landing zone class on Saturday, Aug. 4.

A new hire in the county road and bridge department was scheduled to start work July 11, said Doug Freund, department supervisor.

One of the department blade units is still in Wi- chita for service. Caterpillar is working with Freund on cost of repairs.

The road and bridge department began hauling asphalt for paving and repairs on July 9.

Accountant Steve LaPrad presented a working draft of the county budget to the commissioners. If the final budget is approved as is, there will be a small decrease in the county mil levy.

Darcie VanDerVyver, Director of Public Health, said they will weatherize some windows and she is seeking bids for the removal of three pine trees that just drop cones and sap on health department property.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Director Tiffany Ailstock presented Bobbi Booi as a candidate for a county representative for Southwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging. Commissioners approved Booi for the position.