Skyline Board of Education approved a school redesign plan to meet the Gemini I Redesign plan to assure every student will succeed in Kansas Schools.

The Skyline Board of Education took another step to insure that every student will be successful at USD 438. The Board approved a blue print for the Gemini I Redesign that has the same goal as the Kansas Education System Accreditation: Success for each student.

The Board passed the design at their July meeting and now it will be sent to the State Board of Education for their approval. The district has been in close contact with the State Board during this redesign process, said Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers.

The graduate goals in both Gemini I and KESA are the same. Graduates will have academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, employability skills and civic engagement. These items are necessary for graduates to be successful in post secondary education, attaining an industry recognized certification or entering the work force.

Flowers said the redesign is a work in progress. The district will reflect, learn and teach and repeat to make sure each student is successful.

“We will learn and be responsive,” Flowers said. Flowers said she would be attending budget workshops next week that will help school districts understand how the new finance bill will impact each district. The District will continue to work to keep the mil levy down and get as much state aid as possible. Understanding the new finance bill will help with this process.

The main gym floor has been resurfaced and is ready for another season of Thunderbird basketball. The entire floor was sanded down to the wood. New black lines were painted with the word Thunderbirds and Skyline placed at opposite ends of the court.

The old Thunderbird images are gone and a new Thunderbird image was placed at center court. The image is a blue outline of a Thunderbird. New wood, used to repair the floor after a leak in the roof caused the floor to warp, is still obvious but it will age and blend in with the rest of the floor in time, said Michelle Domsch, Clerk of the Board.

A reorganization is underway in the school library. Books are stacked on tables and shelves are being shifted to different locations and, in some cases, shelves are being moved to various classrooms.

Part of the reorganization will incorporate better flow with the Target room and STEM activities, Domsch said. As books are being relocated, some books marked Cullison High School were found in the library collection.

Benny Hayse, Skyline director of transportation, is researching a new passenger vehicle for the district as part of their regular vehicle rotation.

The Board approved the following contracts for the 2018-2019 school year:

Michele Bair: aid for learning commons.

Lacey Robinson: aid for second grade classroom.

Lexie Maloney: aid for classroom intervention.

Cescha Hoffman: aid for classroom intervention.

The Board also approved contracts for classified staff and licensed staff.