Pratt Family Dental has opened their new office at 501 South Fincham with a new dentist, Steven Kunz, and much more space for additional services.

Sunlight, more parking spaces and lots of room to work are the results of expansion for Pratt Family Dental, now open in a new facility at 501 South Fincham Street in Pratt, just south of Walmart.

Dentist Carson Hopkins said things were going very well in the new space and that he and the rest of the staff were enjoying going from a small office to a large facility which officially opened for business on June 4.

Having a larger facility has allowed Hopkins to expand his staff, including a new partner and doctor of dental medicine Steven Kunz. Pratt Family Dental had so many patients, Hopkins said he needed help to take care of them all.

Besides Kunz, Pratt Family Dental staff has increased from 11 to 20, so besides providing a lot more space, the new facility has brought new jobs to Pratt.

Beside Hopkins and Kunz, orthodontist Ken Dillehay comes to the office once a month and his speciality is braces.

Both Hopkins and Kunz have a central operatory with hygienists located in their own operatory on each side. There are a total of nine operatories with three empty for future expansion. There is a lot more room for sterilization, 3-D imagery, sup- plies, record storage, front office space and doctors’ office area.

In anticipation of moving to the new facility, hiring and training the new staff started back in December 2017.

The new facility has new equipment and better lighting. With the additional staff and an additional dentist, the biggest advantage for the new facility is there is a much shorter wait time for patients. Procedures take less time and the staff can see better, Hopkins said.

At their former location, there were no windows in the operatory rooms where all procedures are done. Now, each operatory has a large window and the patients love it, Kunz said.

In the new facility they offer the same procedures as before, including routine exams, oral hygiene, dental hygiene, dental fillings, implants and crowns, extractions, root canal, dentures, clear correction (invisible braces), emergency dentistry, 3-D i-CAT scan and more.

Parking was a real issue at the former location but the new parking lot has space for 20 vehicles and the stalls are 10 feet wide. They are now completely handicapped accessible.

But Hopkins said the best part of the new facility is their ability to see more family members at a time. With more hygienists, they can treat four family members in an hour as opposed to just two an hour at the former location, Hopkins said.

The number of patients they can see in a day has jumped from 30 to 50. They also have multiple locations where they can offer nitrous oxide that helps patients relax if they are anxious about a procedure.

“Things are going good,” Kunz said.

Kunz is just graduated from dentistry school in May and Hopkins has been in Pratt for nine years. Kunz is a military veteran. He enlisted in 2006 and served four years. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton with the Marine Corp although he was a corpsman in the Navy.

He was deployed to Iraq in 2008 for seven months, again serving with the Marines. Mostly he did regular dental care and followup after injuries. It was hard for him to be away from his wife but he proudly served his country and was happy to do it.

Kunz is married to Sheena and they have four children ages 2-8: Elizabelle, Amberlynn, Hunter and Maryellen.

Hopkins is married to Jennifer and they have six children ages 5-15: Kylee, Cade, Allee, Zoee, Wyatt and Saydee.

While they are enjoying the new facility, Hopkins said they are very grateful to Jeff Taylor who gave them such a great start at their old location in the 100 block of West First.

Though the new building is finished and open for business, there is still more work to do on the outside. Landscaping is scheduled to start July 23 and will include shrubs and flowers against the building plus grass seed and trees, Hopkins said.

The basement is unfinished. Hopkins said he will offer the space for another business. If they like he will finish the basement for them or they can finish it themselves to suit their needs.

Pratt Family Dental is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.