A second-story floating floor above the Pratt Teen Center is the perfect location for Body & Soul Studio, a yoga center managed by three local women.

Body & Soul Studio will host a two-day grand opening Friday, August 3, and Saturday, August 4 in Pratt. Free classes, prizes and snacks will be offered to the public in the second floor location of the historic Woodruff Building at 408 S. Main, where the Pratt Teen Center occupies the ground floor.

Classes scheduled on Friday at 5:30 p.m. are Yoga with Marque and 7 p.m. Yoga with Heather. Saturday free classes at 7:30 a.m. are Ripped with Sarah and 9 a.m. Yoga with Heather.

“We extend an invitation to everyone interested in health and fitness to join us for these classes,” said Heather Giesen, one of three partners in the enterprise.

The other partners making up the Body & Soul Studio team are Marque Schulte, also of Pratt, and Sarah Mack of Cunning-

ham. All three partners have other jobs as well: Giesen manages Maurices clothing store, Mack teach-

es fitness classes at her gym in Cunningham and

Schulte is a counselor at Horizons Mental Health. Though diverse in their occupations, the three partners are in sync about the importance of fitness, Giesen said. She feels that together they bring a full spectrum of fitness opportunities to Pratt. Schulte and Giesen are yoga instructors and Mack holds group fitness certification as well as eight other fitness certifi- cations. Schulte’s certifi- cation includes 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga. Giesen’s certifications include 200 hours of Hatha Yoga and 500 hours of Therapeutic Yoga. Giesen said Therapeutic Yoga is a “much slower form of yoga, using props for proper alignment and stretches.

“It’s more about mind and body connection, be- coming mentally clear, relaxed, focused,” she said. “This form of yoga is popular with the older generation and with those needing physical therapy-type activities.”

In addition to free classes there will be draw- ings for yoga mats, water bottles and other prizes during the two-day Friday and Saturday grand opening. The instructors will be available to an- swer questions before and after classes.

“The goal of our grand opening is to reach out to the community and let people know that every- one is welcome, including beginners,” Giesen said. “Most beginners start the first class, find they enjoy it and come back.”

Classes at Body & Soul Studio are paid for by the session: $10 session for yoga and $5 session for fitness classes. After five classes, the sixth class is free for yoga classes.

“We’re thrilled with the studio’s spacious area,” Giesen said.

Doing research on the historic building, Giesen learned that the space they are leasing from the Pratt Teen Center was originally a dance hall. She said it has a floating floor which is one of only four remaining floating dance floors in the United States.

“It’s a perfect floor for our yoga and fitness routines,” Mack said.