Hello Beautiful Beauty Bar and Boutique is a special new place in Pratt to find top-of-the-line cosmetics, clothing and jewelry.

It all started with lipstick, LipSense to be more specific. Jeri Mitchell of Pratt started selling LipSense and SeneGence Cosmetics in 2017 and business was going well, but she wanted to expand.

A local business closed and Mitchell saw a new opportunity to promote her business. She was hesitant about the idea of owning the building, but decided to buy it.

Mitchell’s plan was to use this as a channel to sell LipSense to a wider customer base.

With the help of her friends and family, Mitchell started the long journey of renovations and quickly realized that she had a lot more room to work with. After some thought, she thought it

would be a great space for a few clothing items and maybe some jewelry so she started going to market, buying items, and the store blossomed. By this point, Mitchell had a full-blown boutique on her hands and

that led her to Hello Beautiful Beauty Bar & Boutique.

The "Beauty Bar" is a place for customers to sit down and try all of the SeneGence products, and have some girl time.

The store opened in late May when Mitchell’s daughter Haley came home from college to help, and it's been expanding ever since. They recently decided they needed a way for their customers to shop

online so Haley created a website, hellobeautifulshop.com to let anyone be a part of Hello Beautiful.

They are also active on Facebook and post updates on new arrivals.