A proposal for a possible daycare facility at the Pratt Rehabilitation and Residence center after they have moved to a new building has been presented to the Pratt County Commissioners.

Childcare in Pratt is hard to come by. A possible solution to part of the problem may be on the horizon for Pratt County.

Kim DeClue, Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, presented a proposal to the Pratt County Commission to transform the Pratt Rehabilitation and Residence Center into a daycare once the new PRRC facility has been completed.

Young professionals considering moving to Pratt have a need for daycare that is very hard to find in Pratt, she said. Locals have the same problem and families struggle to take care of their children and work.

“Pratt has a great, great need for daycare,” DeClue said.

The PRRC building already has several of the requirements for a daycare in place. They have a dining room, kitchen, security system, sprinklers and a fenced-in backyard.

DeClue said she had been in contact with a man from Goddard that owns 11 daycare facilities about changes to the building necessary to be compliant as a daycare. His wife trains staff.

If the building could be repurposed, it would not be used all day and that could help reduce the monthly electric bill of $5,000, DeClue said.

Whether the county would own the building or lease it or sell it was one of many things for consideration in this proposal.

The building is in a great location. It sits right next Pratt Regional Medical Center and it would be convenient for hospital staff as well as other area residents, DeClue said.

Converting the building into daycare will take money and DeClue is considering South Central Community Foundation for a possible grant to help with expenses.

DeClue said she is just putting this in front of the commissioners for consideration. The commissioners agreed to consider the proposal and they will discuss the matter in the future.