A Bible school donation to Arrowhead West children's division will help children in need.

Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters may not have much buying power by themselves, but when joined together, they can make a big difference.

That’s exactly what the children in the combined Bible school for First United Methodist Church and Pratt Presbyterian Church did this year.

They collected money and donated it to Arrowhead West children’s division. It will make a difference by helping provide developmental services to children in the Arrowhead West service area that covers 13 counties. All totaled, the children’s coins added up to $170.43, said Jennifer Barton, youth director and educational coordinator for FUMC.

Arrowhead West provides developmental services for children ages birth to 3 and it’s home based so those services come to the family. Available services help children that have delayed development or disabilities. Services include physical and occupational therapy, vision and speech therapy, late talkers and other areas, said Ani Uphoff, Arrowhead West speech and language pathologist.

Arrowhead West is a non-profit organization and the services are available at no charge to those in need. They are funded through grants including Part C Grants plus Medicaid.

“All services are free,” Uphoff said.

Gathering the money proved to be a lot of fun for the children. There was a lot of excitement as the challenge got started and the children brought in their hands and plastic bags full of coins, Barton said.

It was the boys against the girls and as added inspiration, Rev. Marvin Ewertt and his wife Sherri volunteered to take a pie in the face, Marvin if girls won and Sherri if the boys won, with the spouse doing the honors.

Excitement built during the week with the boys taking the lead early but the girls surged ahead and won the competition so Sherri got to put a pie in Marvin’s face, Barton said.

The combined Bible school donates money to local organizations every year. Last year the money went to the Arrowhead West adult division.

Arrowhead West child services has offices in Pratt and Dodge City. Staff includes a nurse, social worker and speech and language pathologist. They are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 620 East Second. To contact, come to the office or call 620-672-1005. Anyone can refer a patient to Arrowhead West.