Former thrift shop adds antique mall at Brenda's Treasures, 607 S. Main, Pratt.

Brenda’s back, and so are her Treasures. This time the treasures have a new twist—she’s adding an antique mall to her business.

“I’m really excited about this,” said Brenda Venard.

She closed her consignment shop by the same name, same location (607 S. Main, Pratt), in December 2016. With recent remodeling work completed by her husband, Doug, that included fresh paint and full carpet, the store is open again for business.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 pm., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Customers are already finding something special among Brenda’s Treasures. Friday morning, Casey Morelan, dining services manager for Pratt’s Parkwood Village, was delighted with her two like-new institution-

al-size baking sheets. “I just love the consignment shop,” Morelan said. “Brenda and I have been friends forever and I’m so glad she reopened. I got my purchases at a really good price.”

Moments late, another couple arrived and greeted Venard.

“It’s good to see the store open again,” said Mary Kape who with her husband drove into Pratt from their home in Coats to find their own treasures.

The store has 3,000 square feet available and room to expand to the back as needed, Venard said.

A clothing section is to the right of the entrance, antique booths and other consignment items, to the left. Jewelry and small décor items are showcased in an area around the cash register at the front of the store.

A trumpet on the front counter would make a great starter instrument for someone interested in band and not wanting to rent an instrument, Venard said.

Explaining how the antique mall aspect of the store works, Venard said her role is to provide space and collect the money. Booth merchants set up and maintain their booth and price their items.

Venard’s vision is for booths to feature antiques and homemade items.

Booths are available, in any size, with rental price based on size at $1 per square foot. This equates, for example, to $100 month for a 10-by-10-foot booth. Shelves lining the south room of the business feature a variety of items, some for decor and some for practical uses.

There is a special one on display in the store, a small plaque, that simply says “Brenda’s Treasures.”

The plaque was made for Venard by her son Dakota, now 21, when he was in wood-working class at Pratt High School. It’s not for sale.