Pratt County Commissioner elect Tom Jones shared thanks for the chance to serve his community.

More cooperation among department heads is a primary goal for Pratt County Commissioner-elect Tom Jones, who won the primary election against incumbent David Ward and candidate Bill Hlavachick earlier this week. Jones won the election with 182 votes, incumbent Ward had 99 votes and Hlavachick had 89 votes.

"I want to thank everyone who voted and contributed to the campaign," Jones said. I feel fortunate to get this chance to serve the people in the county and city.”

Jones said he hopes to en- courage department sharing in county management.

“If one department needs some equipment and another has it available, they should share the equipment and not be wasteful,” he said.

He said he also wants to continue to improve communications between com- missioners and department heads.

A top priority for Jones as he steps into official capacity after the general election in November will be keeping county infrastructure in good operating condition. With 720 square miles in the county to cover, there will plenty of room to work.

Getting people trained and having them available is crucial for economic growth, Jones said.

“The county needs to continue recruiting young people for both urban and rural positions,” he said. “The new Young Professionals of Pratt will help recruit more of those people to the community.”

Jones said he would like to work with Pratt Community College on a workforce training program to fill skill positions as they become open in county and city departments.

While Jones believes in term limits, he also said that if the voters are not satisfied with a particular person, they have the right to vote that person out of office in an election.

When he officially takes office, Jones will serve the county with current commissioners Glenna Borho and Joe Reynolds. Their seats will be up for re-election in 2020.