Rev. J.D. Huxman moves to Pratt after becoming the full-time pastor at Pratt Bible Church.

The Rev. J. D. Huxman has been filling the pulpit of Pratt Bible Church for over a year, commuting from his Newton home for Sunday Services, but now he’s the full-time pastor – his first official calling -- and the 33- year-old’s smile as he tells of his relocation to Pratt leaving no room for doubt that he’s “right where the Lord wants me to be!”

Church Senior Elder Hank Bingaman is just as enthusiastic. “We’re very much delighted,” Bingaman said. “We’re just thrilled. He’s cutting his own trail while relying on mentors to guide him.”

Bingaman, who is chairman of the church board, continued, “He’s a very knowledgeable young man, very well learned in Scriptures, very dedicated to his work.”

When Huxman was traveling to Pratt for Sunday Services, he was considered a “pulpit supply” pastor.

Now, he is the official full-time pastor of the church with a congregation numbering less than 50, so he is augmenting his pastor’s salary with a full-time swing-shift housekeeping position at Pratt Regional Medical Center.

He purchased a home on Stout Street within walking distance, when he “feels like it,” of both Pratt Bible Church, located at 612 North Thompson, and his job at PRMC.

Huxman, who is single, is a graduate of Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO, where he completed his bachelor of arts and master of divinity degrees in pastoral studies.

He grew up in Marion County, Kansas, near Hillsboro, the eldest of four home-schooled children and was active in 4-H. Though math was never his favorite subject, Huxman does dabble in writing simple programs in Basic and Python for computer games, one of his hobbies.

It was during his senior year of high school studies, Huxman said, that he “felt called to the ministry,” and he said that, following his sophomore year in college,

“The Lord directed me, specifically, to pastoral ministry.”

“I had an internship that summer and The Lord opened my eyes to the fact that he could use me that way,” Huxman said.

His core value, the pastor said, is “my focus on The Bible as the Word of God, the Gospel as our means of salvation, and growing in Godliness and love toward one another.”

He said that Pratt Bible Church is “a very close church, a very loving church.”

There’s a bit of history to the building that has been home to the Church since a couple years after the church was founded.

Huxman said the building was originally one of the Pratt Air Field Barracks during World War II. When the base closed, the building was sold and relocated to Pratt and Pratt Bible Church board purchased it in 1992 from Calvary Baptist Church. Prior to that, the congregation had been holding services first in homes and later in rented space.

Huxman said that his “biggest goal for the church is that we would continue to grow in our Christian walk and in our faith and knowledge.”

“I also pray that we would be able to share the Gospel with the community and see growth through that,” Huxton said. “My goal is the perpetual healing of the church, whether that produces growth in numbers or not.”

The pastor added, “The welcome mat is always out for visitors.”

Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m., followed by Worship at 10:45. The church is handicap-accessible.