Alex Deaton, who shot a Kwik Shop clerk and stole his car in Pratt in 2017, has pled guilty to murder, a drive by shooting and auto theft in Rankin County, Mississippi.

Editors note: Information in this story came from Tom Hill of the Rankin County News in Mississippi and Newscenter ABC Channel 11.

By Gale Rose

Alex Deaton pled guilty to murder, a drive-by shooting and auto theft in a Rankin County Courthouse in Mississippi, on Monday, Aug. 13.

He will now face a second murder charge in Neshoba County, Mississippi where he was indicted in 2017 for the shooting death of 69-year-old Brenda Pinter in the Dixon Baptist Church. Deaton is expected to enter a plea in the Pinter case on Oct. 29.

In Pratt, Deaton shot a convenience store clerk and stole his car early on March, 1, 2017. On Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, Deaton was sentenced in Pratt County District Court to almost 13 years for attempted first-degree murder and almost five years for aggravated robbery for shooting Kwik Shop clerk Riley Juel and stealing his car.

In Mississippi on Aug. 13, 2018, Circuit Court Judge William Chapman sentenced 29-year-old Deaton to life with out parole for murder, 30 years for a drive-by shooting and 10 years for auto theft. Those sentences will run concurrently while Deaton’s 18 month sentence he received in Pratt will run consecutively. All prison time will be served in Mississippi.

Deaton pled guilty to murdering his girlfriend Heather Robinson in her apartment on Feb. 22, 2017, or early Feb. 23 then stealing her vehicle. He then drove to Neshoba County where he allegedly shot and killed 69-year-old Brenda Pinter in the Dixon Baptist Church.

Early on Feb. 24, 2017 he went back to Rankin County and shot a female jogger, who survived, then left the state in Robinson’s car.

He traveled to La Luz Trailhead, N.M., where he allegedly carjacked a Honda Accord, kidnapped the couple in the car and locked them in the trunk. The couple managed to escape but Deaton pursued the couple, shot the man in the buttocks and while the female fled to a nearby house. But Deaton was already at the house and took her, at gunpoint,and stole a van from the people living in the house and went back to the scene of the carjacking.

The man that was shot got back in his Honda and drove until he found help from a man in a pickup. He left the Accord then Deaton found it. The woman escaped from Deaton, who took the Accord and headed for Kansas.

Early March 3, 2017, Deaton was speeding on U.S. 54 and sheriff officers from Kiowa County, Pratt County and Pratt Police were involved in a high-speed chase towards Pratt. Driving at a very high rate of speed, he made it to Pratt where stop sticks were used and his tires went flat. He abandoned the car and went to the Pratt Kwik Shop, where he took car keys from clerk Riley Juel then shot him and left Pratt in Juel’s Cadillac.

Deaton was eventually captured around 8 a.m. in Ellsworth County. He was traveling on I-70 and Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers deployed stop sticks. Deaton left I-70 and headed towards the town of Wilson. He lost control and rolled the Cadillac. It landed upside down and caught fire. Deaton got out of the car and was immediately arrested. No troopers were injured in the accident.