Complete with water balloons and squirt guns, runners participated in a 5K to raise funds for the Skyline cross country team.

The Splash and Dash 5K, held Saturday, August 18, raised money for the Skyline cross country team and included 33 runners as well as two participants who did the 1-mile fun run instead of the 5K. The event, complete with water balloons and laughter, was held at Skyline.

The top three runners crossing the finish line were David McMahaon (23:12.47), Mike Neifert (25:06.57), and Patrick Egging (25:21.04).

Neifert, Skyline cross country coach and event organizer, said the event had good attendance and raised needed funds for equipment and supplies for meets.

"We were really pleased with the support we got from local businesses who helped us and with the runners who came out as well," Neifert said. "It was a good day for running and the team kept us all cool with their squirt guns and water balloons. It was a great team-building experience."

The new supplies that will be bought with the raised funds include a canopy and a team banner to set up at the cross country team's "camp" each week.

"We're looking forward to a good season," Neifert said.