The electrical industry honored Brian Beaman of Pratt as one of the 2018 Rising Stars.

Brian Beaman of Pratt recently gained national recognition as one of the 2018 Rising Stars of the electrical industry. He was one of 30 industry professional under the age of 35 picked by The Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine for his achievement and work ethic.

Beaman, network/system administrator for Stanion Electric Wholesale in Pratt, manages the computer networks and servers at Stanion’s 17 statewide locations to keep them up and running. The company’s 230 employees across Kansas rely on the firm’s networked computer systems to do their jobs, he said.

Stanion President Bill Keller extended congratulations to 33-year-old Beaman, who joined the company’s information technology (IT) department in 2012.

“Obviously, I’m very proud,” Keller said. “I am pleased that employees outside of the sales staff are being given professional recognition.”

Beaman is one of three Stanion IT staff, managed by Justin Simmons. Will Rempe has charge of the company’s “help desk,” among other responsibilities.

Beaman said his work at Stanion involves a wide variety of IT-related issues.

“When something in Stanion’s statewide network goes down, it becomes a ‘call Brian’ matter,” he said.

Beaman recalled a major virus outbreak that kept him at work till 3 a.m. to fix. He said that he pulled a “24-hour shift” when new equipment was being installed. Sometimes he has to hit the road to make an emergency run to an outlying location.

Beaman’s work ethics are highlighted in the tED article recognizing him.

“Brian makes himself available 24/7,” the article stated. ”Every day he goes above and beyond.”

Beaman grew up in Pratt, graduating from Pratt High School in 2003. His parents, Bob and Cathy Beaman, now live near Cairo.

Beaman said he chose Pratt Community College to pursue his interest in information technology and, following graduation, he stayed on at PCC to join the college’s IT staff. He had worked his way up to system/network administrator before leaving PCC to join the Stanion IT staff.

During his off-time from work responsibilities, Beaman has a variety of interests to keep him occupied.

He likes to ride his bike in Lemon Park, striving for five miles of pedaling at least a couple times a week.

He recently started keeping bees at his parent’s rural home. He is currently finishing out his Stout Street home basement.

Beaman said his favorite hobby is playing bass guitar and he joins the PCC band when it provides background music for PCC plays.

On weekends, Beaman enjoys visits from his three-year-old son, Wilson, and nine-year-old daughter, Carra.