Pratt County Commissioners approve purchase of $225,000 motor grader.

Some roads in Pratt County are getting a new motor grader to keep them in good condition.

Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, presented information about the grader to the county commissioners at their Aug. 20 meeting.

The commissioners approved the purchase of a Caterpillar Model M motor grader for $280,000. With a $55,000 trade-in allowance, the final cost of the grader is $225,000. Funds for the purchase will come from the road budget, Freund said.

Research is continuing on how to repair a damaged drainage outlet pipe at the northeast corner of Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake. A sinkhole has developed and the lake will probably have to be drained in order to make the repairs. Consulting engineers for the county Kirkham Michael have examined the plans for the lake and are coming up with numbers for the cost of the project and what method will be used to make the repairs, Freund said.

Freund suggested that the fish be removed and transferred to another lake during the repairs. A possible method of removing the fish is electric shock and then seining the fish out of the lake.

Because of contamination issues, the fish will not be placed in the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism fish hatchery ponds, Freund said.

Repairs to the inlet gate from the Ninnescah River will also be made at the same time.

Freund is also getting information on tables for the picnic areas on the piers. A couple of the tables were destroyed and have to be repaired.

Freund presented and received permission from the Commissioners for a road crossing permit for Michael Flora for an electrical line for some new grain bins.

Pratt County Emergency Services is getting four new heart monitors to replace older model units by Phillips that is going out of business. Cost of the new units from Physio-Controls is $123,000 total with three annual payments of $41,000 at 0 percent interest. The cost includes a sales representative for training and a service technician for any technical issues, said Scott Harris, EMS director.

Harris also notified the commissioners that a student in the Hutchinson Community College EMT program had requested a ride along with a Pratt County EMS ambulance as part of his training. Some Pratt High School students have also re- quested a ride along as well. Commissioners wanted it made clear to everyone on a ride along that there were HIPPA regulations they had to observe and they could not reveal anything under those regulations.

Darcie VanDerVyver, director of Public Health. wants to get a pair of automated external defibrillators, also from Physio-Controls, to place at the Pratt Recreation office and at the Green Sports Complex. She is working with Rotary to get grant money to pay for the machines. She will get more information and visit with the Commissioners at a later meeting on this matter.

Although it’s still August, the Pratt County health department has received their flu vaccinations, VanDerVyver said.

County Fire and Rescue is in need of a new truck. Rescue 2, a 1980 model, has leaking hoses and gear shifting issues. County Fire and Rescue Chief Bill Hampton will visit a business the town of Sedgwick that builds trucks on Freightliner chassis then report to the Commissioners on his findings before any action is taken.

Recent rains have revealed a leak in the appraiser’s room on the first floor just inside the west doors and to the south, said County Clerk Sherry Kruse. Commissioners agreed to contact contractor George Stevens to have him evaluate the situation and come up with a list of repairs so the job can go out on bid. @GaleR_Tribune