Annual fall sports expo is followed up with 'Back-to-School Bash' for the first year ever.

Pratt High School hosted its annual fall expo Friday night, showcasing four of the six fall sports: volleyball, cross country, cheer and football. Girls’ tennis and golf team members were recognized before the football scrimmage as well.

The volleyball girls scrimmaged first. Each of the teams, varsity, junior varsity, and C team played against one another.

Out on the football field, cross country participants began their two-mile race after each team member was introduced. As they ran, girls golf team members were recognized as were girls’ tennis teammates, who threw decorated tennis balls into the crowd.

Cheerleaders performed a dance at the expo that they learned at a Universal Cheer Association camp this summer held at PHS. It was one of two routines they were taught at the camp.

The Greenback football team was introduced next as the cross country runners finished their race. The football scrimmage began at seven. Everyone on the team got a chance to play and they are getting ready for their first game of the season this Friday.

After the sports expo, PHS held a back-to-school bash in the parking lot for all high school students called “Back in Green.”

The party had various games such as knockout, ladder ball, and corn hole, a fan favorite. They even had a game of plinko with small prizes.

Another favorite was the teacher dunk tank. All the students had a chance to dunk their favorite teachers. Of course, there were snacks along with a ‘root beer garden” where kids could get an ice cream float of their choice. Lori Meyers was the DJ and students danced throughout the night.

At the beginning of the party, all students were given a paper with every activity listed on it. As they played each game, it was crossed off. At the end of the night, prizes were given to students who competed in all the games.

The fall expo and “Back in Green” was a good way to get everyone into the Greenback spirit and ready for the 2018 season and school year ahead.