The Pratt High volleyball continued the winning streak, defeating both Halstead and Kingman on September 4.

The Pratt High volleyball team continued their winning streak by defeating Halstead 25-19 and 25-12 and beating Kingman 25- 14, 22-25, 25-16 on September 4.

Head coach, Summer Younie, said the team played really well throughout the game with Halstead and were in rhythm with each other on the court for the whole match.

“We passed well, we transitioned well, we were aggressive at the net,” Younie said. “I worried how we would come out against Halstead since we went three [sets] with them in the Championship Match at the Pre-Season Tournament, but we came out and attacked and made very few errors.”

Kierson Maydew had six kills, Kyra Johnson had four kills, and Kaitlyn Rasmussen, Rheagan Hoover, Rachel Rasmussen and Lauren Kolm each had two kills in the game against Halstead; Jenna Fincham, Kyra Johnson, and Kierson Maydew each had two aces.

While the team started the night off strong, beating Halstead in only two sets, Younie said the game against Kingman did not go as smoothly.

"We jumped out early on Kingman, but we didn't play well," Younie said. "We struggled on serve receive and just passing in general. We also struggled getting into rhythm on offense [and] we didn't transition very well, but mostly we just didn't have any enthusiasm on the court-- even at the end of the match, it was like it was no big deal that we just won over Kingman--something we haven't done for many years."

Abby Lloyd, Jenna Fincham, and Kierson Maydew each had two aces during the Kingman game while Kyra Johnson had 11 kills, Kierson Maydew had 7 kills and Rheagan Hoover had 5 kills.

Kierson Maydew had two solo blocks and Rachel Rasmussen, Kaitlyn Rasmussen and Rheagan Hoover each had one solo block.

"I guess it's good that we didn't play well, but we still were able to get the win," Younie said. "The highlight of that match would be our blocking. Our front row is doing a great job of blocking [and] this makes things much easier for our back row."