Pratt County 4-Hers are well represented at the Kansas State Fair with over 50 entries.

Pratt County 4-Hers have qualified more than 50 entries for the 2018 Kansas State Fair, which runs Sept. 7-16 in Hutchinson.

Static entries in the fair must have received a blue or purple ribbon at a county fair to be entered at the state fair. Horse entries had to receive a blue or purple ribbon at a district horse event to enter. Since most county fair livestock entries of beef, swine, sheep and goats are sold at the end of the fair, the livestock state fair entries are different and don’t have the ribbon requirement, said Pratt County Extension Agent Jodi Drake.

The Extension office took static and food entries to state on Friday, Sept. 7. Some of the bigger static entries like big woodworking projects were the responsibility of the 4-Her to get to the fair. If the entry is fragile, like a rocket, the 4-Her could choose to take the entry to the fair themselves.

The extension agents also pick up most of the entries and bring them home when the fair is over, Drake said.

Besides getting entries to the fair, Drake will assist with the fiber arts judging. She will write judges comments and then make sure the items are properly displayed.

Pratt County agent Vickie Simonsen took the wheat market entries to the fair on Aug. 29. She and other agents double check the entries for correct scores and top placing they lay them out in order, Simonsen said.

All county fair wheat entries were sent to Dodge City at the Kansas Grain Inspection Service. Wheat quality was checked including protein levels and undesirable material like broken kernels and foreign seeds. The wheat entries and their score cards are taken to the state fair and verified to determine who is the state winner, Simonsen said.

The state is divided into Eastern and Western Divisions with a winner in each division. The grand and reserve champions are chosen from those winners.

Both Drake and Simonsen are in charge of the fashion show the second weekend of the fair. Their responsibilities include getting the script in order and clerking for the judges. The fashion judging is done off site at Hutchinson Community College on Sept. 15 at 8 a.m. There are seven judges for the event, three for girls buymanship, two for boys buymanship and two for constructed garments. There are separate class numbers for boys and girls buymanship and that comes in handy because with some names its hard to tell if its a boy or girl, Drake said.

The public fashion review is held on the fairgrounds in the Encampment Building on the fairgrounds. the review is also Sept. 15 with constructed garments at 4 p.m. and buymanship at 5 p.m., Drake said.

There are eight 4-H clubs in Pratt County: Country Trailblazers, Glendale Reapers, Golden Valley, Lincoln Climbers, Pratt Pioneers, Preston, Richland Rustlers and Southwest. State fair entries from Pratt County 4-H clubs include:

Photography: Kady Anschutz, Kory Anschutz, Hunter Berens, Megan Matulka, Miley OMoore, Brett Atteberry, Wiley Atteberry, Tyler Doman, Derek Roadhouse, Emma Roadhouse, Gillian Swindler, Josiah Giles, Vanessa Leckner, Stephen Van Slyke, Maddox Riffey and T’Lane Tobin.

Clothing and Textiles: Caroline Drake, Hayden Riffey, Madeline Drake and Emma Roadhouse.

Entomology: Tyler Doman.

Fiber Arts: Caroline Drake, Madeline Drake and Ruby Howell.

Food and Nutrition: Caroline Drake, Lane Crowdis, Jay Crowdis and Jenna Fitzsimmons.

Rocketry: Maddox Riffey.

Visual Arts: Jenna Fitzsimmons, Callie Jo Novotny, Kahrie Stegman, Kena Sterling and Drew Taylor.

Woodworking: Elly Fowler and Maddox Riffey. Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks: Tyler Dorman.

Fashion Review: Elly Fowler, Vanessa Leckner and Jay Crowdis.

Horse Show: Hannah Spitzer-two events, Haley Spitzer-four events, Daniel Spitzer-five events, Samantha Spitzer-one event, Ruby Howell-two events (Howell’s entry is a mule named Molly.

Poultry: Miley OMoore.

Rabbits: Miley OMoore-four entries.

There are other livestock entries.