Pratt's newest downtown business "Gatherings" offers antiques, flower design and art creations.

Original decoration pieces, unique antiques and vintage stuff is now available at Pratt’s newest business downtown. Owner Janet Huitt opened the doors of Gatherings at 122 S. Main on Thursday, Sept. 13, making space to sell her collectibles as well as friend Cindy Brungardt’s floral designs.

Gatherings is now open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Huitt has been collecting antiques for years and selling them out of her own home. People would call her and ask if she could get a certain item.

She has had a retail business like this in mind for years. When the former home of Bee Well Herbs, became available, she jumped at the chance to carve out a place of her own on Main Street.

“I’ve always wanted to do it, own my own business. I always wanted a store front,” Huitt said.

“I’ve sold antiques and collectibles for year in my garage. The opportunity came and we took it.”

While it is a business, she plans on enjoying sending her items out to new owners.

“I’ve collected stuff for years. I’m doing it for fun,” Huitt said.

She’s also doing it because she believes in the Pratt community and wants to provide more shopping experiences to locals and out of town buyers.

“I’ve always been proud of Pratt. We need to keep downtown going,” Huitt said. “I think there’s enough business for everybody.”

Besides her vintage items and antiques, Huitt is also selling original floral designs made by her friend Cindy Brungardt of Medicine Lodge. Her art works are all one of a kind and each is unique. If someone wants something that’s not on display, Brungardt will take orders and create something just for the customer. Huitt said she loves Brungardt’s style and talent.

Each item in Gatherings is not like any other in the store and that’s they way Huitt wants it. Other than the few tea towels with the similar designs and some t-shirts, everything else in the store is a one of a kind item.

“We don’t mass produce,” Huitt said.

Huitt has a lot of items at her home and plans on rotating her stock so customers will have new merchandise to choose from on a regular basis.

“It changes every week,” Huitt said.

Also working with Huitt is Chelsee Briggeman, a life-long friend, who is an artist and business partner. She is painting the window on the front of the store and has created several wall hangings that feature the words to the state song, “Home on the Range” along with a unique design for each piece.

“I love her art and style,” Huitt said.

Briggeman said she is just letting the front window design develop as she goes along. She is using an oil-based paint that is different than what she used to paint the wall hangings, and it is taking a bit to get used to. So she is learning how to best use the paint as she works the window design.

Briggeman said she and Huitt have done other projects and crafts shows together. Huitt brings her items and Briggeman throws a little color on it.

When Huitt suggested starting a retail store, it seemed like a partnership that was already in place and succeeding.

“We just work really well together,” Briggeman said.