The State Board of Education has approved the Skyline redesign plan.

Preparing students for life goes beyond teaching reading, writing, arithmetic and all the other usual classes taught in grade, middle and high school.

Skyline students in grades preschool through seniors will receive the “Self regulation Training System” that is being taught for the first time at Skyline.

Sara Lewton, Skyline student and family support coordinator, presented information on the system to the Skyline Board of Education at their regular meeting Sept. 10. The program is designed to build fundamental skills necessary for academic success, emotional control and healthy social interactions, Lewton said.

Pre-K through seniors will receive training in this system to better help prepare them for life in the program areas. An added benefit to the program is that teachers who teach the program also show improvement in those same areas.

Every Skyline teacher has been trained in the program and it will become part of the everyday curriculum at Skyline, Lewton said.

In addition, Skyline is also implementing The Trauma Informed Online Academy from Beyond Consequences Institute. This program will help staff become more trauma sensitive and trauma informed.

Skyline’s keys to redesign plan has been approved by the state board of education, said Superintendent Becca Flowers. Skyline is one of six Gemini programs ready to launch and put the new redesign plan into action. A redesign plan will focus on every student with a goal of making each student success              ful. The State Board liked what Skyline had done with their redesign plan. A redesign plan is also essential because the plan is the only way for school districts to be approved for accreditation, said Elementary Principal Diane House.

High School Principal Herb McPherson said he had seen lots of coming together over redesign and it would just continue to get better.

All elementary students meet together at the start of the school day for five minutes.