New fuel tanks at Pratt Regional Airport depend on Kansas Department Of Transportation grant.

A second chance for a grant to replace fuel tanks at Pratt Regional Airport is coming amidst a very tight money pool for grant money.

Dea Dix-Brown, airport office manager, reported to the Pratt Regional Airport Authority Board of Directors that the Kansas Department of Transportation rejected a previous grant application for the project because it was too costly. The KDOT grant funds are very limited and competition is very aggressive with 140 applications.

The plan is to purchase fuel tank and remove the old ones from use. This turned out to be a very expensive grant request, $554,000, so Dix-Brown said this year the request will be split in two, one grant to purchase the new tanks and a second to have the old tanks removed.

The grant requests are prioritized so that if only one grant is approved, the money will go to the purchase of the new tanks, Dix-Brown said.

The grant application deadline is Sept. 30. It will be some time before those receiving the grants are notified. The old fuel tanks remain in good working order. But they are old and the idea is get the tanks replaced before any problem develops, Dix-Brown said.

Jeff Voss, airport maintenance said another goal is to make the fuel tanks self service.

While they are waiting on the outcome of the grant application, the Board approved a $156,400 contract with APAC, a paving company, for apron work by T-Hangars on the airport. The project calls for a two inch mill and an overlay. The project will start in late October or early November.

The Board has approved a purchase that will consolidate property used by R&R Manufacturing. The Board approved an $85,000 loan from The Peoples Bank to purchase an addition to the World War II Pratt Army Air Field B-29 hanger where R&R Manufacturing is located. The addition is 5,448 square feet.

The airport already owns the hangar but R&R Manufacturing built an addition onto the building and the airport wanted to have ownership of the entire structure so they got the loan to purchase the addition. R&R Manufacturing will continue to pay rent on the building, Dix-Brown said.

Board members present at the meeting were treasurer Sue Peachey-acting chair, secretary Deb Zang and member Gary Trimpe. Absent were chair Tim Barker and vice chair Skye Bare.