The new Pratt McDonalds continues to take shape with most of the exterior walls and windows complete but lots of interior work needs to be done and concrete needs to be poured before the late October opening.

In about a month, the Big Mac will be back. Construction work continues on the inside and outside of the new McDonalds taking shape in Pratt on the footprint of the old building torn down earlier this summer.

Kim DeClue, Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, said Joe Lane, McDonalds owner, wants to have a grand opening for the new store open on Oct. 22. They are planning for that as long as everything goes as anticipated, DeClue said.

When the new store opens, there will be several promotions during the first week of operations.

If the new building looks larger than the previous building, that’s because the 5,300 square feet of the new building is 1,900 bigger than the original, said Brad Blankenship, Pratt city inspector.

“It will be noticeably different. There will be a much larger area to eat inside,” Blankenship said.

There will be a lot more space outside as well. The parking area has been expanded to 68 spaces including handicapped areas and a special location for motor homes and school buses.

The exterior of the building is covered with a combination of brick and native limestone. A lot of landscape accents will be added to the outside area of the building and the parking lot. There will be lots of grass, bushes and 18 large trees.

“They have a lot of landscaping. The grassy area will have trees and bushes,” Blankenship said.

The city has a landscaping ordinance so this design meets those ordinance requirements.

Another exterior change will be two drive-through ordering areas to serve the customers better.

During an inspection Sept. 24, contractors in the building were installing wall tiles and flooring. It was crowded and very busy.

“There are contractors on top of contractors right now,” Blankenship said.

If they are able to meet their anticipated completion deadline, it will be about four months since the original building was demolished July 5.