Tess Weimar was sworn in as Pratt's 23rd post master on Sept. 25.

In a ceremony that sounded like taking the Presidential oath of office, Tess Weimar took an oath Tuesday and became the 23rd Postmaster for Pratt.

Performing the ceremony was Acting Post Office Operations Manager Scott White. Weimar’s mother Diane Bryant held a family Bible that belonged to Weimar’s grandmother for the cer- emony.

Weimar, who lives in Wichita, has been with the postal service for 16 years and was postmaster at Anthony before taking the Pratt position.

Weimar first became interested in working at the post office because of her mother who worked at a remote encoding center where items that the computer couldn’t scan had to be entered by hand. There used to be a lot of those centers but with computer improvements over the years, the centers have become obsolete and only one is left, Weimar said.

She was intrigued by the process and it set the course of her life. She said it didn’t even feel like a decision on her part but just what she should do.

As she takes the reins at Pratt, her goal is create stability to the position of postmaster after the office had a string of temporary postmasters. Weimar was also part of that string having served as temporary postmaster starting in February.

Weimer said she has enjoyed her time with the post office and has gotten to work in a variety of locations and states including Washington state and Oklahoma.

“You can go anywhere in this job,” Weimar said.

Weimar’s parents Dane and Jim Bryant came to Pratt for the swearing in ceremony. Several postal employees took a break from their duties to watch the ceremony and to enjoy a variety of doughnuts and juice before going back to work. Weimar said although she works in Pratt, she would continue to live in Wichita with her three children ages 16, 14 and 8 who are already enrolled in school.