Construction on the new McDonalds is in the final stages and the new facility should be open Oct. 23.

Fans of McDonalds can start salivating. In just two more weeks, the new McDonalds store will be open for business and the Big Macs and Happy Meals will once more be available in Pratt.

Joe Lane, Pratt McDonalds owner, said opening date for the new store is set for Tuesday, Oct. 23.

“We’re excited to hit that date,” Lane said.

McDonalds has been closed for construction for several months. The original McDonalds was torn down and a new, bigger facility has been built in its place with state of the art equipment, Lane said.

Customers will see an entirely new seating arrangement and the McDonalds staff will have a much bigger, more efficient work area to prepare all the familiar McDonalds food items.

The kitchen has all new equipment with more work space and more storage area. One of the most important new features in the kitchen is a conveyor belt that moves food more efficiently from the preparation area to the serving area for the customers, Lane said.

The seating area will accommodate about 110 and provide different levels for customers.

When it is complete, Pratt will have one of the bigger versions of McDonalds in their franchise.

There are two outside ordering areas and two pickup windows to keep traffic moving. Customer will find a much bigger parking lot area that includes space for trucks.

Lane said he has a big punch list of things that need to be done before the big opening date but he is confident that list will get smaller in a hurry as each area is finished.

One thing McDonalds needs more of right now is employees. Lane expects more customers with the new store and he is accepting applications for workers. When the store had to close, McDonalds relocated as many employees as they could, but for some, relocation did not work.

“I’m hoping most of the employees will come back,” Lane said.

Anyone interested in applying for a job at McDonalds can go to for an online application. As grand opening time draws closer and more staff is in the building, applications will be accepted on site but for now, it’s mostly technicians in the building, getting everything hooked up and ready to go online. While the McDonalds facility is new, customers will find a very familiar menu when they pull up to the digital menu boards ordering area or come inside and order at the counter or the self ordering kiosk.

For now, there are lots of boxes to unpack, electricians are getting appliances hooked up, ceiling tiles need to be installed and the final touches to the heating and air conditioning system have to be made.