Pratt County Commissioners respond to reports of people trying to restrict the use of pubic county road.

Some residents in Northwest Pratt Country are trying to prevent others from using a public road in the county. The matter was presented to the Pratt County Commissioners at their meeting Oct. 8.

The road in question is at NW 60th Street and NW 70th Avenue. County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said equipment had been placed on the road in an effort to prevent people from using the road.

Commissioners agreed that no one could prevent anyone from using a public road. They agreed to contact Sheriff Jimmy White and have him talk with the parties involved.

This road is a minimum maintenance road in the county. County Road and Bridge Supervisor Doug Freund said they only maintain the road a couple of times a year because it is not used often.

On another road in the county, the barricades that had blocked traffic from using the north side of Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake have been moved east to allow access to all piers on the north side of the lake but no further to prevent traffic from getting close to the collapsed drainage pipe at the northeast corner of the lake.

Someone threw the barricades in the lake and they had to be retrieved and put in place again. There is some yellow tape with the barricades but Freund will get some flashing lights for further safety.

Freund said he would get some bids to replace the foundation for the fish cleaning station that was damaged by water erosion in the Labor Day flood.

The Pratt County Health Department took part in a vaccination event in Kiowa County. There were 70 participants in the event and they gave out 300 flu shots.

This event counts for the health department preparedness requirements, said Darci VanDerVyver, director of public health.

Pratt County emergency manager Tim Branscom said he had contacted the National Weather Service and they predicted the Pratt area could receive from two to six inches of rain. He has sand bags available at his downtown office if necessary.

Billy Hampton, county fire and rescue chief, said he had a boat ready if any rescues were necessary in the county.

Robert Torres, environmental services, said he had received some inquiries about getting septic tanks inspected especially after recent flooding.

Commissioners approved a construction bid for a new office in the recycle center. Nystrom Enterprises got the nod for the project for his bid of $19,630. The office was damaged by flood water and also had previous termite damage and will have to be replaced. The recycle center will remain open during construction.

Jason Winkel, county land fill manager, said the office roof at the landfill was leaking and he would look into the problem.

Winkel got to test a demonstration grader at the landfill and he was very pleased with its performance. He especially liked the joy stick operation and the cab visibility plus the four wheel drive. “It’s a nice machine. It’s very impressive,” said Winkel who has the funds in the equipment budget for pay for the $170,000 machine.

In other business, Commissioners appointed Louis Green as Township 11 Trustee.

The County Commission will not hold a meeting the week of Oct. 15 so the commissioners can attend a conference.