Prattan Kendrix Crow, who has cerebral palsy, walked cross the finish line, with assistance, at the Prairie Fire half marathon in Wichita.

It was just a few steps but for 10-year-old Pratt resident Kendrix Crow, those steps were very special. Crow, who has cerebral palsy, was able to walk, with assistance, across the finish line at the Prairie Fire half marathon Saturday, Oct. 14 in Wichita.

Helping him across the line were his great uncle Tim Crow and running friend, Jason Miller. When they reached the line, the men lifted Crow out of his stroller and helped him actually take steps across the line, said Mary Harms, Crows grandmother.

It was wet and cold at the event. Crow’s stroller was covered with plastic to keep him dry. The men, along with Crow’s mother Traci, took turns pushing Crow along the 13.1 miles. Crow has previously participated in the Prairie Fire one mile run a couple of years ago, Harms said.

Crow’s sister, Rayden Crow, and a couple of her friends, Konli Sterling and Reilyn Flamming, ran in the 5K at Prairie Fire. In Prairie Fire, participants ran to raise money for various organizations. The Crows ran to raise money for Training To Lead, an organization that trains assistance dogs.

For Crow, participating in life, especially in sports, is important to him. His parents, Travis and Traci Crow, as well as other friends and family help him do just that.

“He loves sports. He’s a big basketball fan,” Harms said. “If a basketball game is on, he watches.”

Cerebral palsy severely limits Crow’s ability to move. He cannot speak but communicates through the use of an iPad, Harms said.

He also uses that iPad to keep up with scores to see who is winning and who is loosing. His favorite basketball teams are the University of Kansas and Wichita State University. He’s also a big fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder. His favorite professional player is Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, Harms said.

Crow also likes to watch football and baseball. He likes the Kansas City Royals and their catcher Salvador Perez is his favorite player.

While watching sports is important to Crow, he has a passion for participating in life.

“If he could, he would participate in everything,” Harms said.

And participate he does. He belongs to the Southwest 4-H Club and shows rabbits and takes part in buymanship. He also likes to cook, with assistance, and in school, his favorite class is math. Crow is a 5th grader at Southwest Elementary in Pratt.

“He just likes being with people and participating with them. He likes being part of things,” Harms said. “If he is out with people, he is happy.”