The Pratt Community College administration is considering the future of their satellite facility Wichita.

Changes are on the horizon for the Pratt Community College eLearning Center and digital billboard in Wichita. Because classes taught at the Center have moved to other locations, the PCC administration is considering the need for the rented space at the center and the need for the sign.

The administration brought the matter to the attention of the Board of Trustees at their regular monthly meeting Oct. 15.

The Center, located at 7920 West Kellogg, is leased on a month by month basis. The college rented a portion of the building to have a recruiting presence in Wichita, said PCC President Michael Calvert.

As time went by, some classes were held at the center as a convenience to students in the Wichita area and extra space was rented for those classrooms.

Now, those classes have moved to other locations and the classroom space is no longer needed, Calvert said.

A digital sign on Kellogg advertises PCC and its necessity is also being discussed. Some 71,400 vehicles per day drive past the sign every day according to Kansas Department of Transportation.

The total annual cost to the college for the center and digital sign is $58,480 with $11,680 of that for the sign.

If the lease is renewed, the college expects an increase in rates of three to five percent. With the uncertainty of state financing, the college could certainly use that money in other areas, Calvert said.

The administration will continue to evaluate the property and update the Trustees at their next board meeting at 6 p.m. on Nov. 19 in the Student Center meeting rooms.

Pratt Community College is in the top five percent of schools in the nation for return on investment according to WalletHub, a personal finance company that independently rates schools on their return on investment, the difference in the amount of money it cost for their education compared with their income in the workforce.