Andrea Arnett of Pratt has been through some difficult times. As a single mom of three, she now appreciates family more than ever, especially around the holiday seasons.

Andrea Arnett of Pratt, like many others, has a lot of reasons to give thanks this Thanksgiving season, but it’s family that she’s most thankful for.
“I went through some tough times, as anyone does, and my family is my rock,” Arnett said.
Arnett is the position of vice president of operations at Trand, Inc., a business her parents, Terry and Sandra Arnett, founded in 1990, when they moved to Pratt from Attica.
Arnett began working at Trand while in high school and following graduation from Pratt High School in 1998, she attended the University of Kansas at Lawrence for two years. She graduated from Wichita State University with a bachelor’s degree in business with emphasis in finance in 2003.
She re-joined the family business at that time, while also pursuing an associate of nursing degree through Pratt Community College. After 11 years, she left the family business a to work as a nurse, returning in 2012 to Trand which specializes in crane services for jobs requiring heavy lifting.
“I am fortunate to have wonderful parents and I couldn’t have made it without them,” Arnett said. “My extended family is very close and my grandparents are very involved in my life.
As a single mother of three boys, Thirsten, 15, Logan, 7, and Chase, 3, Arnett said her sons give meaning to her life.
“My kids give me joy in a way that I never felt before,” she said. “There are times I can watch them play and it brings me to tears. It seems like just yesterday my oldest was learning to walk, and now I’m watching him become a man.
“I love watching my oldest son play sports,” Arnett said. “His schedule keeps us busy, but nothing is more fun than watching him out on the field.”
Arnett said she is also thankful for the relief from chronic pain she has found through CBD Oil from CTFO, a company whose products she now markets as a sideline to her work at Trand.
“It was the only company that had pure CBD Oil without all the additives and it comes in higher milligram than others available,” she said.
“I started using the product and it was life-changing,” Arnett said. “My pain was better, I slept through the night.  I started selling it to get the discount as well as to help other people find pain relief. ”
Life has not been without its rough spots for Arnett and she credits her family for seeing her through troubled times. Friends also played a role in helping her find her way.
“I am also thankful for all the wonderful support I have had throughout my life.  When times were tough, I was surrounded by good people to help pick me up and lead me to a spiritual awakening,” Arnett said. “God has given me the ability to share my life with others and help them find the same solution I was gracefully given.”
Arnett has a special message for other single moms, like herself, who may struggle at times.
 “For single moms who feel like they can’t keep going, you can,” she said.