Trustees approve tuition and fee increases for 2019-2020 at Pratt Community College.

Students at Pratt Community College will be paying more in tuition and fees across the board for the 2019-2020 school year.

The PCC Board of Trustees approved the increases at their regular meeting Dec. 17. Tuition and fees are being increased because costs continue to escalate, said PCC President Michael Calvert.

Total increase in tuition and fees for in-state students is $3 bringing the total to $112. For out-of-state students, the increase is $4 bringing the total to $124. International students will have a $5 increase for a total of $140.

Kent Adams, PCC vice president of finance and operations, said the increases would result in an additional $58,000 in revenues from tuition and $48,000 from fee increases. There will also be a two percent increase in housing that will net the college an additional $31,000.

Individual increases for next year are: In state tuition-up $1 to $63 total; out state tuition-up $2 to $75 total; International tuition-up $3 to $91 total; Concurrent tuition-up $1 to $61 total; General fees-up $2 to $49 total; EDUKAN-no change $150; Pratt online-no change $135.

The changes in tuition and fees puts PCC in the highest range, but not the individual highest, among other community colleges in Kansas. Most of the other colleges have not taken action on tuition and fees for 2019-2020 but are expected to increase rates as well. Current rates on total in state tuition and fees for selected community colleges: PCC-$112; Barton-$112; Butler-$117; Cowley-$110; Dodge City-$109; Garden City-$108; Hutchinson-$110; Seward-$100.

All meal plans for residence halls are increasing 2 percent across the board for all meal packages. The increase is expected to generate an additional $31,000 in additional revenue.

Total residence charges for PCC for 2019-2020 will be $5, 869. Other colleges have not raised their room and board rates but are expected to do so. Selected college current room and board rates: Barton-$5,707; Butler-$6,000; Cowley-$5,500; Dodge City-$5,920; Garden City-$$6.05; Hutchinson-$5,728; Seward-$5,010, according to information Adams provided at the Trustees meeting.

While the board is watching out for the Pratt campus, they are also working to improve the nursing program at their Winfield site. The board approved a birthing simulator that is a lifelike pregnant female which gives birth for use in the PCC nursing program at Winfield.

The PCC nursing program already has several nursing simulators for the program here. Gaumard manufactures the simulators at PCC so the new simulator was also purchased from them for $92,942 as a sole source purchase. The purchase price includes a five year service plan, Adams said.

About half of the purchase price, $47,049, will come from a Perkins Program Improvement Grant while the rest will be split between PCC and Cowley County Community College at $23,946 each, Adams said.

“This is a great hands-on training tool for our nurses,” said PCC President Michael Calvert. “They learn in an environment where if something goes wrong, its not catastrophic.”

When compared to the cost of the machine to making a mistake with human being, it puts it in perspective.

“How do you put a price on that,” Calvert said.

Progress continues towards starting construction on a new track and soccer field just east of the Green Sports Complex. The PCC Trustees approved an inter local agreement between the college and the City of Pratt. Part of that agreement includes a Board to oversee the operation and scheduling of the new field and track. The PCC Trustees approved Trustee Darrel Shumway and Calvert to that board as college representatives.