Pratt Wrestling Club have six champions at Hoisington meet.

Pratt Wrestling Club has more than 50 young wrestlers competing on the mats, using strength, skills and intelligence to outmanuever their opponents.

On Saturday there were 49 wrestlers from Pratt who competed at the Hoisington Jr Cardinal Classic in Hoisington. The tournament featured all robin brackets which resulted in a lot of matches for the kids. Top placers with the best win-loss records from the Pratt club, in their respective weight classes, were as follows:

Champions: Caden McCandless, Taye Wilson, Xavier Pedroza, Teagan Richardson, Noah Ricke, Mara Feril.

2nd Place: Caleb Schmidt, Hudson Rector, Christian Cupples, Blake Winsor, James Greenleaf, Brayden Smith, Blayze Birdsong.

3rd Place: Logan Copus, Ethan Stimatze, Kaden Ludwig, Kelci Gibson, Dylan Lehman, Kameron Cox, Blake Blasi, Austin Cruce, Jayce Feril, NiShaune Taylor, Ryker Prater, Parker Rousch, Juan Santiago, Gannon Craft.

4th Place: Braydon Johnson, Aiden Becker, Riley Dean, Zack Gibson, Braxton Cash, Anthony Cox, Cole Blasi, Haley Zabel, Jameson Grizzell, Garrett Detwiler, Blaze Ibarra.